Warning: may contain traces of nuts satire [1]

I don't know if all of you out there in InternetLand have heard of a Pantomime before... But basically its a play or musical intended for kids that seems to be big over here in the UK; especially at Christmas. They're usually based on classic Kids stories - Emperors' New Clothes, Aladdin, Sleeping Beauty - you get the idea.

Well, I was on my way home tonight when I passed by a poster for Robinson Crusoe, which is touring the UK this year and stars TouchTorchwood star John Barrowman... So presumably a reputable company.

But this production promises something different over its rivals this year - this particular production is no less than a "3D Spectacular".

Now maybe it's just me; but I was under the impression most stage productions since, well since theatre was invented were in 3D. Okay, there's the odd bit of crap writing that results in a two dimensional character - but it's always performed in 3D.

So in honour of my previous ignorance of this technological breakthrough I'm very pleased to announce a special collaboration[2] with Wikia and would like to announce that my blog will from now on appear in HD.

Just a moment whilst I turn it on. There; This blog has now officially gone where no other blog has gone before - into HIGH DEFINITION.

Now you may hear from some naysayers that this is no technical achievement and that computer screens have been high def or better for a long time - please don't be taken in by these fools: this is a world first and a technological breakthrough - My marketing team assures me of this.

To prove their point these technophobes might throw together acronyms like SVGA or SXGA - but anyone can string letters together - and theirs don't even contain the letters H or D - how can they be high def without HD?

There may be some drawbacks to having our blogs in HD. Unfortunately each HD blog takes the space of 4 of the other blogs that you used to be satisfied with (until you learned how much better they are in HD) so we may not be able to add more for some time.

Additionally you may need to throw out your old smelly non HD PC and replace it with another one (which I can happily sell you at a reasonable fee[3]) before you get the full effect.

Any rumours that we're planning a "Super HD" version that will require you to replace your PC again are totally unfounded.

Enjoy the future!

Agent c 22:00, December 3, 2011 (UTC)

  1. Those who find nothing humorous in this post are probably viewing the SD version of this blog. Please contact your System Administrator or Internet Service Provider to enable HD reading.
  2. In case it's not obvious enough... This blog is a joke and isn't actually in collaboration with anyone.
  3. For those who still don't get it, this is humour; I don't sell PCs - high def or otherwise.
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