Agent c Agent c 1 August 2018

State of the wiki - Wikia and the future

Presented without editorialising is Wikia's plan for the future of Wikia/Fandom and wikis, as communicated to us by Jen Burton.

I'll leave my comments for the comments section. Agent c (talk) 21:38, August 1, 2018 (UTC)

We are embarking on a multi-year product development project to build on what we’ve been able to accomplish already and invest in our communities so that they represent the deepest, most engaging expressions of fandom on the internet. The core wiki content will always remain the most important pillar of that strategy. We also believe there is value for fans in being able to create and engage in a broader set of content, in a unified experience, on more platforms that compliments the core wiki content.

Here is what that means …

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Agent c Agent c 8 July 2018

Nukapedia and Fandom discussions

As you know, Sakaratte and I (With Jspoel observing) had a discussion with Wikia (T/a Fandom) on Friday. This isn’t intended as minutes so some things might be slightly out of order, but it covers the major points.

We started by asking Wikia if they were indeed committed to the Wiki platform (or Communities as they call it). We highlighted their interest elsewhere, and the atrophy that the platform has seen in the past few years. We were told that they see the wiki platform as the central part of the company.

We stressed that our interest in this wasn’t just limited to Featured Video itself - this is just the most immediate example of the line between us and them on content being breached, and we cannot continue without a firm understanding …

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Agent c Agent c 8 July 2018

Semantic News Test

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Agent c Agent c 24 June 2018

Update on Video Situation

This is an update on the featured video situation... and how it affects our future relationship with Fandom/Wikia

  • 1 Negociations with Fandom
  • 2 Exodus
  • 3 Another option - Gamepedia/Curse
  • 4 Conclusion

We have a discussion scheduled with Fandom on 6 July. We plan on talking not just about the featured video feature itself but the future relationship between Nukapedia and Wikia/Fandom; specficially whether our two visions for the future are compatible at all.

We really need everyone who does have an opinion to put your 2 centshere. We want to know from you what we should be asking them.

Our priority is some sort of peaceful solution. Hopefully we can come to some sort an accommodation together, but it may be that what was best for our community before …

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Agent c Agent c 23 June 2018

Bethesda sue Warner Bros and Fallout Shelter Co-Studio Behaviour Interactive over Westworld Mobile Game

News is breaking of a new Lawsuit from Bethesda against their partners on Fallout Shelter Behaviour Interactive, as well as Warner Bros.

The dispute centres around Warner Bros releaasing a Shelter-like game based on Westworld. The copying is apparently so blatant that the game includes bugs that were removed from the game before its release, as well as near identical user interface, animation, and gameplay elements.

We've yet to see any sort of defence against the suit, but I would speculate that any defence would likely revolve around who owns the code. Bethesda state that this was done under a works-made-for-hire basis, meaning that Bethesda would be the end owner of the code, and claim there are documented agreements showing this...


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