Fallout: New Yorkintro "War…war never changes. On that day on October 23, 2077, when fire rained down on Earth, cities were left in ruin. They either were destroyed after the explosion, or took a direct hit, like New York. You are there, in the giant Glowing Sea, in Vault 116. No one leaves because of the leathal radiation. But, the air filtration system is failing. You've been selected to go find one. Good luck. The Overseer is waiting…"

Character Customization: What makes you SPECIAL? In the latest Fallout, you get to decide for 100% what your character is like, personality, voice, and look so that you're SPECAIL.

True RPG: You get to choose which factions enter by setting up broadcasts for them, or keep NYC out of any or all factions' hands. You can decide what your Pip-Boy looks like. You get to choose whether to do as told or let the Vault die. Your character ages as the game goes on.

Changing seasons: There will be changing seasons. And when winter comes, you need to seek shelter. The rads and the storms are bad.

Add-ons: One add on is called. Brotherly Love, taking place in Philly. You have to find 2 brothers that went missing. They were last seen at the Independence Hall. There are no other confirmed add-ons yet.

Pre-order: You can pre-order at york.

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