I have thought in all reality are these places mentioned all that is left? I mean is there another Rivet City in Norfolk or Miami? Today their is seven billion people in the world so how come only 100,000 seemed to have survived the Great War. I myself have only played Fallout 3 so a more in dept Anallise is hard to give. But what about these places,

1,Svalbard Global Seed Vault a.k.a. Doomsday vault, In the Norwegian Island of Spitsbergen about 3,000 people live there today. Spitsbergen seems an unlikely target for nuclear missiles. But this island has the Svalbard Global Seed Vault or the Doomsday vault. It contains seeds which could start a farm on the island making it a possible area of survival. So I believe people are alive in Spitsbergen.

2,African Villages, In Africa one may find small villages (a few huts) in the forest. They are unimportant and unknown targets. Although there are many dangers in Africa (especially for a westerner who came here to survive). They include Animal attacks to Malaria. So I believe African Villagers may still be alive (some may not of known of the Great War).

3,The South/North Pole, The South/North Pole is a good place to stay away from the nukes when they fall. Arctic researchers already have bases there. So if one dresses up in cold gear and can survive the cold one can hunt his food and live in these Arctic bases. They cold weather there preserves any food you take with you. So any Arctic Researcher may still be alive.

4,North American Aerospace Defense Command a.k.a NORAD, North American Aerospace Defense Command or NORAD is a military instillation in a unknown Coloradoan mountain. It was designed to withstand a nuclear blast even it is right outside its big metal door. It produces its own power and food. However to get in you must be a high U.S. military commander so you better ask nicely if you want in. So the high valued U.S. government officials may still be alive.

5,Greenbrier Resort/Central Government War Headquarters a.k.a. Burlington, Greenbrier Resort was meant to serve as a post-nuclear war fall to area for the Congress of the United States, and it was built in the Greenbrier Resort Hotel. Burlington was a similar area for the British high government (and I assume military). Although today they are known about. But during the cold war supposing it was still raging as it was in the series one may see survivors taking over these safety bunkers.

6,Switzerland Neighborhoods/Towns, When I bring Switzerland into this I am not saying they are neutral, no after the war in Europe in the 2050's/2060's they got in. However I have just read that In Switzerland, the majority of homes have an underground blast or fallout shelter. The country has an overcapacity of such shelters and can accommodate more than the nation's population size. It is my belief that neighborhoods/towns in Switzerland away from cities may still be around.

So what do you think. Leave me a comment giving me more place that were not on this list. (A bully user (talk) 22:00, March 18, 2013 (UTC))

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