Ohlen is a character that is mentioned in one of the terminals in the X-8 research center. The terminal says that Ohlen is a scientist, working on the Sonic emitter. The terminal doesn't give much information, just saying "forward this to Ohlen" - and, in fact, this is when I realized any name in the terminals that has little information could be one of the six doctors' original names, as long as the sex is correct and a named skeleton is not found (which is why Dr. Calis is excluded from possibly being one of the doctors). And so, I found all the mentioned-only characters in Old World Blues (add-on) that are confirmed to be dead, and complied a list (however, do take in mind they have to meet the requirements:

  • Death must be related to one of the 6 or unexplained.
  • Their appearance must be related or unexplained.
  • They must be highly trusted, important, or of high rank.
  • Their sex must match that of the corresponding doctor.
  • Adam Figgis (test supervisor at X-8)
    • However, this is complicated: he has five (listed) doctorates in Medicine, Philosophy, Veterinary medicine, Dissertations in Musicology, and Divinity, meaning he could only possibly be one of the doctors with those five doctorates.
    • Terminal entries:
      • Assistance Granted (to Barb): I'm sending over the K9000 cyberdog gun. It should do the trick. Let me know if you have any operational questions.
      • Regarding Shipping Department in Lockdown (to all): In our last supervisor meeting, we discussed the possible benefits of the small shipping accident. We are considering studying the unexpected specimen's behavior by releasing them into our test area before removing them from the X-8 facility. The shipping department will remain in lockdown until a decision has been reached.
  • Gail Richardson (test engineer at X-8)
    • Terminal entries:
      • X-8 Residential Test Internal Memo:Until further notice, please do not enter the Residential Cyberdog Test area, or conduct any experiments using it. The Cyberdogs are still being programmed, and any disturbance could have dramatic influence on their progress. Restricting access in this fashion should also help to avoid any repeats of Incident: PLAYTIME, settlements for which are coming directly out of our budget.
      • Important Reminder to Myself: While programming the new residential Cyberdog model to retrieve objects thrown by human beings for purpose of enjoyment, I accidentally used an audio sample recording of its bark as the object to be fetched. The Cyberdog has now become attached to the sample, and displayed signs of aggressive tendencies when I attempted to recover it. I have left it in the Residential Reconstruction Area until it is needed. I believe the Cyberdog has buried it.
    • He has a PhD.
  • Jenkins (scientist at X-8)
    • Mentioned in terminal entries:
      • Fwd: Re: Field Gun Prototype (from Dr. Calis, to all): We've successfully created a capacitance module capable of emitting a focused electromagnetic pulse from a Sonic Emitter. While the physical impact is rather weak, Jenkins fired the weapon at a force field and it fried the field's emitter array. Upon further study, we've found the gun only affects a small range of frequencies. Unfortunately, the frequency of our force fields fall within this range. The gun was sent to X-8 for further study.

Also, on Skinner's terminal, he states "I may not have been able to afford a doctorate like those eggheads upstairs..." meaning he's referring to someone "upstairs" in the X-13 facility who has a doctorate, and that he dislikes them. Of course, he may be talking about Dr. Calis, but he says "eggheads," meaning multiple people.

Calis was under the command of Dr. 0.

This is the end of this post, I'll get back to it later.

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