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* [[Veronica Santangelo]] {{sound|FNV_Veronica_GotSomethingGood.ogg‎}}
* [[Veronica Santangelo]] {{quotation|Ooo. Got something good for me? Is it a dress?!|sound|FNV_Veronica_GotSomethingGood.ogg‎}}
* [[Craig Boone]] {{sound|NVBooneLifeHasAWayOfPunishingYou.ogg‎}}
* [[Craig Boone]] {{quotation|Life has a way of punishing you for the mistakes you make.|sound|NVBooneLifeHasAWayOfPunishingYou.ogg‎}}
* The [[Courier]], whose legitimate name is, yes, "Courier".
* The [[Courier]], whose legitimate name is, yes, "Courier".

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This is a script for what happened before Old World Blues began.


  • Veronica Santangelo
    Ooo. Got something good for me? Is it a dress?!— sound, FNV_Veronica_GotSomethingGood.ogg‎
  • Craig Boone
    Life has a way of punishing you for the mistakes you make.— sound, NVBooneLifeHasAWayOfPunishingYou.ogg‎
  • The Courier, whose legitimate name is, yes, "Courier".


[Scene: the Mojave Desert, June, 1981. It is nearing 19:00. The place seems to be an old, worn-down, abandoned drive-in with graffiti everywhere. Garbage is found all over the ground, but the sky is still clear as the sun begins to set. A crashed satellite, still twitching a bit and with a blue orb in the middle of it, lay broken in the middle of the drive-in. COURELLA, followed by VERONICA and BOONE, trudge in from stage right, going down a hill. They look weary and tired from their long journey here. BOONE leans over, marveling at the broken technology on the ground.]

BOONE: Well, would you look at that.

VERONICA: So, this is the place?

COURIER: Yep. I… think. This is where it lead me.

BOONE: It’s sad.

COURIER & VERONICA: [unison] What?

BOONE: This place. I mean, it used to be a working movie theater - a place of joy and fun and… and memories.

VERONICA: ...but all of that’s lost now, isn’t it. Tossed to the wind. Forgotten.

BOONE: Life has a way of punishing you for the mistakes you make.

COURIER: That… that is sad.

BOONE: What’s this thing here? [he walks over to the satellite, knocking on its metal surface.] Seems advanced, that’s for sure.

VERONICA: Pre-War tech, I’m guessing. A satellite. You know, those things that used to orbit earth.

COURIER: It’s broken.

VERONICA: That’s… kind of obvious, Courier.

BOONE: Wait, you call her “courier”?

VERONICA: Yeah, that’s her name.

COURIER: Well, it’s actually “Courella”, but I shorten it to “Courier” because it’s easier to remember.

BOONE: [amused] Well. Isn’t that ironic.

COURIER: Hey, Veronica? I thought all the satellites either got destroyed or drifted out into deep space or something after the Great War.

VERONICA: Well, obviously, not all of them went missing.

COURIER: What… what are you doing?

VERONICA: Poking it.

BOONE: …why?

VERONICA: Or, rather, investigating it. Seeing if it still works.

BOONE: And… poking it… gives you information…?

VERONICA: [grumbling] …not like you would know…

COURIER: Veronica?


COURIER: [hesitantly] The signal I received… it was sent exactly at midnight on the day I woke up. October 19, at 12:00:00 AM. Midnight.

VERONICA: Exactly at midnight? Seconds included? [pausing] There must be a reason for that… it just couldn’t be a complete coincidence.

BOONE: Veronica’s right. There’s a 1/86,400 chance of that happening.

VERONICA: How d'you figure that?

BOONE: Math. 24 hours in a day, 60 minutes in an hour, 60 seconds in a minute, multiply (24×60^2) and you got 86,400.

VERONICA: Yeah, no thanks. That percentage is extremely low, by the way. 1.15740741e-5% to be exact.

BOONE: Now you’re talkin’.

COURIER: Aaaand back on topic. What could the timing mean?

VERONICA: Maybe… maybe it’s coordinates?

COURIER: That would put us at 12 latitude, 0 longitude. Just off the southwest border of Africa. In the ocean.

BOONE: Yeah, I don’t think so.

COURIER: Coordinates are out.

BOONE: Maybe a date. Year, month, day kind of thing.

COURIER: What, like, 12:00 AM, being turned into a date? Would that be 12/8/03 or something?

BOONE: Yeah, no, it’s not a date.


COURIER: Maybe… perhaps, we should wait till midnight itself. See if anything happens then. If not, well, I don’t know what else it could be.

VERONICA: Alright.

BOONE: Seems like a good idea.

VERONICA: So… then… if that’s the plan… what do we do ‘til then?


COURIER: What about… well, let’s see what we have with us. [she takes off her backpack and searches through it, taking out items as she lists them.] Hm… a few scalpels, a coffee mug, a wrench…

BOONE: [to himself] ...why?

COURIER: …a few toy cars, duct tape…

VERONICA: Fixes everything!

COURIER: Oh! And some cards!

BOONE: Cards? Uh…


COURIER: Blackjack? I got a few caps I can spare.

BOONE: I have a bit.

VERONICA: Same here.

COURIER: Alright then, shall we play?


{about four hours later}

BOONE: Blackjack!

VERONICA: Agh, come on!

COURIER: I swear, Boone’s been cheating.

BOONE: Nope. Never. Been legal this whole time.

VERONICA: [looking over at the satellite, which is now lit, as the blue orb is revealed to actually be a projector. It now emits an image of an eye, moving from side to side in a looping gif, seemingly watching over the whole Drive-In.] Look at that! The satellite!

BOONE: So it isn’t broken, after all.

COURIER: Guess not.

VERONICA: Should we go look at it?

COURIER: Yeah, let's go.

BOONE: Wait, it could be dangerous.

COURIER: So? [she walks over to the satellite with VERONICA behind her. BOONE sighs, gets up, and follows them.]

VERONICA: It isn't doing much.

COURIER: Maybe we should do something.

VERONICA: [almost crazily] Should I poke it again?!

BOONE: No, Veronica.


COURIER: How about... I poke it?

BOONE: No, Courella.

COURIER: Too bad. [she reaches out to touch it, then pauses] I have the strangest feeling right now.


COURIER: I feel like I should say goodbye. Like I'm not gonna be back here for a while after I touch this thing.

BOONE: That's... weird. Very... weird.

VERONICA: Mayyyybe you shouldn't touch it then.

COURIER: My curiosity has gotten the better of me. I have to. [she turns toward the satellite again.]

BOONE: [thinking quickly] Wait, Courier!

COURIER: [groaning] What now? [BOONE pauses. VERONICA answers for him.]

VERONICA: ...goodbye.

COURIER: Again, I don't know if I'll be going.

BOONE: But if you do, just... yeah. What Veronica said.

COURIER: [sighing] Veronica. I need to give you something.

VERONICA: Ooo. Got something good for me? Is it a dress?!

COURIER: Yes. It's in the Lucky 38 wardrobe in the main room. Take your pick. And Boone?

BOONE: Yeah?

COURIER: [COURIER nods at him reassuringly, smiling, and turns back to the satellite, placing her hand on the blue orb. The projection flickers, then turns onto COURIER. She is lifted into the air slightly, flailing to try to escape.] This is worse than I thought! [practically yelling over the wind] Veronica! Boone!


COURIER: I don't know what's happening, but don't...

VERONICA: Don't leave, Courier! Don't leave!

BOONE: Veronica, can't you see she's got no control?!

VERONICA: I'm in an emotional state right now, Boone!

COURIER: BOTH OF YOU! Don't fight while I'm gone! Take care of ED-E and Rex for me!

VERONICA: [shaken] Oh, for the love of... [she turns away, shielding her eyes.]

BOONE: [glancing back at VERONICA] W-we will! Stay safe! [he suddenly remembers something] Oh! And here, take this! Quick! [he tosses her a Plasma pistol] You forgot this!

COURIER: [catching it] Thank you! [her voice slowly gets quieter] Everything is blurry, I can't see a thing anymore... my ears are ringing like crazy... a bright light is spreading in the distance... it's so bright...

VERONICA: [suddenly getting up, off the ground from where she was] COURELLA, DON'T FORGET--

[COURIER suddenly disappears. There's a flash of light and the projector goes off. The wings on the satellite stop moving, and the blue orb flickers out. VERONICA falls onto her knees.]

BOONE: [still staring at where COURIER disappeared] Well shit.

VERONICA: "Well shit"?! That's all you can say? Are you kidding me? I mean, come on, she just disappeared! [as BOONE defends himself, they begin to fight again]

BOONE: Hey, I just said two words! It wasn't my fault she...

VERONICA: Oh, don't give me that! I know it wasn't your fault...



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