• please tell me if these are copyrighted because i don't want to get in trouble and please don't call me an idiot just because you don't like my idea this mod will happen with or with out your help (you know unless its illegal) beside no one will force you to download it (most likely).and i don't care if the time period is slightly off i am a writer of fan FICTION it doesn't have to fit completely(dose it). i picked some of this music because it fit they all are good songs in my opinion so not all of them fit but at least i tried and i will have an explanation of the wrong time period for the songs and a local for the radio station as soon as i get good at moding but if you want to help you're welcome to and i would be extremity grateful for any help you can provide as i have never tried to mod a game in my life (well except for sim-city and i didn't get far at all).the reasoning for all these songs is i figure most i wont be able to use because they'll be copy righted. So if you have any songs for me to add please post them because i want to add the most realistic station possible.
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