Lv 18. xbox. Scene 2.Take 1. The demise of the last ranger.When the last surviving trooper has been dismissed and all has been packed away in the Cache locker. Wait until 24.00 hrs and call up another NCR Supply Cache. The Ranger will meet you before you complete the Quest.After his recital he runs off toward McCarran. For a jog, run along with him. He will kill ,on the way: Ants,Geckos, Powder Gangers, only to finally meet his doom trying to get past the Death claws in the Quarry past Sloan. Here is where by hanging back a bit you can wait heis death before creeping up to loot his corpse. Your apparel will either be the Ranger, Brown hat, Grey hat or Tan hat and a Ranger Vest Outfit or Ranger Red scarf, casual outfit. Collect more Rangers in this fashion to repair your new clothes. Make sure you get a .357 magnum with the horn handle amd not the .44 or .50 to go with the outfit for when you about town