Here in the UK starting in October 2011 the weather changed and we have seen endless flooding, crop failures and fast rising food prices. Is there any reason to believe the weather will be better next year? None.The seasons have changed as change they willv and mankind does not yet have the technical means of controlling the climate since the climate is dependent upon far to many variable most of which are out of mans control. Man might claim to be able to raise the height of the atmosphere to bring down incoming intercontinental ballistic missiles short of their target but everything NASA said in 1979 and 1990 about CO2 levels and temperatures, and everything they said in 2005-6 about the Solar output for cycle N=24 for 2006 to 2013 has proved totally wrong. We have a government strapped for cash ,using every dirty CO2 trick in the book to tax and tax again until energy prices are up 30% as well as gas for the cars at $10 a gallon and road tax for heavier cars up 400% all dovetailed onto a web of lies and deceit about the effects of CO2 on temperature.Is it lies and deceit or is it based on just plain bad science?


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