( G.T. 29 Hrs 17 mins). After double crossing Mr.Crowley out of his T-51B Armour I left him still friendly in the Stasis room looking for the Armour. Much later in the game during the completion of Vault 87 and the GECK I thought I would back track though Murder Pass for a bit of traget practice.Exiting though the small door leading to Little lamplight I found trapped between the rear door of Little Lamplight and the Door to Murder Pass" Mr Aleister Crowley . He was standing, trapped, between the unopened rear gate and the door leading to Murder Pass. His back to the door and the wind blowing shards of crystal through the door grating onto his back. ( G.T. 40Hr 55 mins) I felt sorry for him.

  • Talk: Crowley replied "You did me a great favor with those keys. I know just how to use them ". Even though I had doubled crossed him he was still polite.

Leaving, I opened my locker at Megaton House and taking out the unwantedT-51B Armour I went back though the Computer Terminal door, backtracking through Murder Pass and reverse pick pocketed the T-51B onto him , did the M.P. swing doors, to find him proudly wearing the Armour.

  • Talk: " You did me a great favor with those keys. How do you like my new Armour? Those keys led me straight to it ! " I hadn`t the heart to tell him the armor was out of date.

And so I finally left him. I smiled as I walked away, safe in the knowledge that he was now happy with the Armour I didn`t want, for I was dressed in my smart, brand new, Chinese Stealth Armour.

  • I did forget to say in comments, that after getting the Chinese Stealth Armor, then it`s time to head on back to Megaton and start the game.
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