aka Donald.

  • I live in I know some like to live above 66 degrees north and need 12,,000 gallons of fuel to survive the winter. I live at 51 degrees north and find that bad enough.
  • My occupation is Retired ordained member of The Church of the Latter-Day Dude.;..
  • I am Male
  • 1000HrsFallout3

    Fallout New Vegas Go to settings. Gameplay Audio and; Turn off the, Radio, Footsteps and Music. Turn up the, master, voice and effects.

    Voices and mutterings may be heard continously while walking around the grave yard at Camp Forlorn Hope.

    From Opening up burial mounds with Shovel and listening.

    The two graves at Canyon Wreckage. The Graves or the Grave yard at Goodspings Cemetery . The three graves above Nipton Road Rest Stop. Chances grave. Wolfhorn Ranch grave. Bitter Springs graves. Northern passage.

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  • 1000HrsFallout3

    The Ultima and Final 2012 Edition with all add on`s and mod`s since the first N.V came out in 2010.

    A chance to - Begin Again - Not for Elijah or Dean, but for you. And even with the final edition it`s still not to late to pull of the Heist of the Century by walking off with all 37 Gold Bars back to the Mojave.

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  • 1000HrsFallout3

    xbox360. At last the bug in Don`t tread on the Bear. Adored by the NCR Accepted by the Legion.

    While waiting in Crocker's Office, to play Caravan, I get attacked by an MP for no reason. Had a follower who killed the MP, which quickly escalated the game into vilified, by the NCR.

    Reload. Got rid of follower. Went back to my ambush area, Nipton Road, Pit Stop, and after a wait of 24 hrs the MP turned up there hostile. If I kill him or use a follower I loose NCR support.So I lure him out into the Rad Scorpions desert and let them do their work.

    Job done: Still adored by the NCR. Is there no one else?

    Why have the MP`s got it in for me ? What he said was correct .I am laughing at the NCR behind their backs but, but the AI doesn`t know that, doe…

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  • 1000HrsFallout3

    I can`t even play though 1 game of Fallout 3 plus 1/2 a game of Fallout New Vegas without the XBOX 360 slim failing.

    It seems the European Union having banned all lead from lead solder has made sure that solder joints on the XBOX are more inclined to fail then ever.

    How Microsoft got rid of the RRoD was a bit more clever. They took away the 4 red lights on the console and changed it to 4 GREEN LIGHTS of death on the controller. The console failure is now hidden by 4 green lights on the controller ..tried a brand new controller - same effect. A new disk - same effect. pulled out all the leads and reconnected -same effect.held down combinations of buttons etc.-same effect. It`s yet another console failure.

    Will buy abother 360 tomorrow and st…

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  • 1000HrsFallout3

    Tabula rasa

    July 24, 2013 by 1000HrsFallout3

    2008 Consule (1st) lasted 3 weeks before ring of death. 2012 Black elite Consule S (5th) FO3 software failed July 2013.

    • Game date. 3rd March 2284. Torrential rain outside the cave with heavy thunderstorms.
    • " Loading extra contents .Please wait"
    • Consulted Internet.
    • Clear system cache.
    • Cleared cache
    • No joy
    • Deleat Fallout 3 and all its contents and re-install
    • Deleated and re-installed GOTY
    • No joy
    • Format disk.
    • All Re-installed.
    • Now running perfect except I went to Point Look out to 100% Harley repair. Returned to Megaton only to find Tobar missing from D.G. Yet more pain.
    • You know the only thing I will ever miss is my female Bombshell Pit raider babe sitting at my Megaton table saying . " You came all this way, just to die....piss-on".
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