I'm not really good at introductions but, I'm -bleep196-. Most people know me as Bleep, or "That guy with the laser eyes" or "The bug smasher" or "That guy who keeps spamming recent edits" due to several of my roles and mannerisms both in chat, and in my editing practices. After some discussion with Agent C, and other members of the Admin/BC team I decided that since my role in the community is often limited, and I spend quite a bit more time editing than interacting, It would be good if I contributed to our expanding community news and events. I figured since I specialize in maintenance editing, it would be a good idea to shed some light and draw some attention to one of the major moving components of our wiki, projects. As such I will be doing a monthly blog entry concerning the various ongoing/active projects, their goals, their progress, and why you, editors, should think about getting involved with them.

Fallout 4 Quests

With the release of Fallout 4 we had an influx of content, and users, and with that influx came the need for some new projects to help keep our articles up to par. The Fallout 4 quests project is one such project. YoDsanklai is the current project head, and unfortunately, atm he's the only one working on the project as the two other contributors stopped adding material some time ago. Thus he could really use some help.

Some of the goals of this project include correctly delineating the quest lines, adding appropriate images, completing walkthrough charts, infoboxes, and adding specific and appropriate categories. With Fallout 4 being such a big game, and with the continued release of new DLC, this project could help new users garner experience pretty quickly.

Falout 4 Articles

Energy X started the Fallout 4 Articles Project aiming to clean up article content, rearrange sections appropriately, replace first and second person with third person, and a variety of other things. Energy y he only participant in this project, with the large volume of Fallout 4 articles, this is fairly daunting, but presents an opportunity for new users to learn from an older and extremely skilled administrator, as well as become familiar with a variety of editing policies for article content.

The Bug Projects

Well I'm sure some of you knew this one was coming, after all these are my babies. Bugs are a huge, huge part of the wiki, and a large draw for users looking for solutions to gamebreaking glitches that they may not find elsewhere, or may not get an answer from Bethesda themselves. Thus the maintenance and standardization of bugs across the wiki is a constant effort. There are three ongoing bug projects, but in this particular entry I will talk most in depth about the Bug Section Overhaul project which is the most recent and biggest endeavor of our bug maintenance efforts thus far. The other two projects are the Bug Verification and Bug page revamp projects.

Bug Section Overhaul Project

Ok, so to begin, this project is the culmination of 3 recent proposals which were passed by the community, which A) Added an organization scheme to bug pages based on the impact on the individual user B) Decrease the volume of Bug sections on pages where there are more bugs than article content and C) Gave more specificity to what is and is not acceptable to report.

Based on these policies, this project aims primarily to implement Proposal A, providing order and structure to bug sections across the wiki. With upwards of 2000 articles bearing bugs, this is a rather daunting task. As a single editor who no longer has the time that he once had, I believe it is prudent that newer more time savvy users be brought on to learn the ropes when it comes to bugs and editing in general. Thus I personally am looking for users who want to learn more about the editing process, and who have an interest in maintaining and verifying existing bugs.

Final Words

Ok folks, that's all for this entry. I hope that this spotlight will shed some light on projects, and subsequently, areas that need editorial attention to help improve and standardize the quality of our wiki.

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