aka A Zombie Crab

  • I live in somewhere underwater.
  • I was born on October 5
  • My occupation is being a crab. Also, an MLG Cactoos sniper, a Minuteman, a wannabe NCR Ranger, and a Bastion main (kidding on that last one).
  • I am a Crab! Also, a zombie.

Note: This User is mostly active on the Plants vs. Zombies Wiki

USA Flag Pre-WarThis user lives in the United States of America.

My Fallout Choices and OpinionsEdit

Fallout Shelter GameFrontThis user plays and likes Fallout Shelter, but thinks that it could have been so much more.
FNV NCR FlagThis user supports the New California Republic.
Enclave Symbol (FO3)This user hates the Enclave.

Base Game OpinionsEdit

FO4 Minutemen FlagThis user is the General of the Commonwealth Minutemen.
FO4 Minutemen FlagThis user sided with the Minutemen in Fallout 4.
BoSLogo UserboxThis user is a Knight of the Brotherhood of Steel, but doesn't agree with all of their ideals, and is considering destroying it.
Icon The Nuclear OptionThis user blew up the Institute with the Minutemen.
Fo4 Robotics ExpertThis user thinks that the best way to deal with robots is to run up and hack them.
Diamond City Temporary LogoThis user likes Diamond City Radio.
CarryWeightThis user hates being overencumbered, but all that stuff is so tempting.
Machinegun turret FO4This user likes building Automated Turrets for his Settlements, although he often wishes that he had more Oil to build them with.


FO4AUT Robot WorkbenchThis user enjoyed using the Robot workbench, and has built many robots with it.
MQ05 RestoringOrderThis user spared the Mechanist.
Headhunting trophyThis user stealthily killed Jezebel, because this user was tired of her rude comments.

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