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If zip sees thee make edit-Zip will check thy edit.


Going around doing his original goal, Ziplo is more of a security guard of the Vault, wandering quietly in the background checking the area for Vandalism and obscenity. The Zip does not approve of shiny new badges as he feels it leads to excessive use and addiction, (just like jet).


ZIP is partial to keeping small settlements as small and as streamline as possible, ie Sloan does not need 6 hours of reading, just to tell you it was a mining camp etc..... Also stubs are category pages that dont have much info at all or items that dont need much info, so the zip has taken it upon ones-self to either extend these to un stubbyness, or to remove the stubbage on any and all things that cant be extended


The ziplobthud resides near a sleepy and estranged settlement of Belford, Northumberland, England. He can often be seen wreaking havoc on vandols and anonymous users of a very commendable wiki, when relaxing he can be found on xbox live under the same name and seeking out new songs on his accoustic and electrical guitars (real not rockband etc..)

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