• Monkeys are AWESOME.
  • Monkeys flinging poo, AWESOMELY hilarious.
  • Monkeys that can take their own self portraits(there-by denying the owner of the camera any copy right), PRICELESS.

Argh razor burn.

Here Again, For the First TimeEdit

Ya, so I not so recently discovered I already had an account after creating a new one. Also, I add stuff here and there but don't always sign in. Mostly I just do that when the edit is really minor. I'm not looking to rank or brag.

I noticed some people publish their edits every word or two. I just preview substantial changes before posting them. Do I have thousands of edits? No. Is what I add useful? You decide.

'Wiki People' Face-PalmEdit

I have an innate dislike for 'embelishers' and 'assumers'.

  • People who fail to make or understand the distinction between lore and actual game content.
  • People who want to show their creativity at the expense accuracy and facts, or brevity.

I enjoy Fallout as a whole, but have a deep seeded urge to face-stomp fanboyism.

You know who are...and so do I.

Random EncountersEdit

What started as an attempt to clear the roads to preserve caravan merchants late game, turned into a full blown encounter mapping endeavor.

The encounters are color coded by type. 'A' encounters are yellow and 'B' encounters are red. Outcast Patrol spawn points have been noted and marked in green to prevent confusion between randomly generated patrols and those generated from static spawn points.

Eventually I may add markings for Enclave outposts and Talon/Regulator hit squads. I'd personally like to be able to visually differentiate scripted encounters from random ones since it's possible for both to occur simultaneously at certain locations.

Pages that need to be createdEdit

  • Status Effects, concise listing of conditional ailments and bonuses.
  • Raider camps overview page.

Moving, maybe notEdit

Lost in migration.

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