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Fallout 3 income questsEdit

Fallout 3 provides the enterprising player with various opportunities to make plenty of bottlecaps by engaging in repeatable unmarked quests for various individuals in the Capital Wasteland. Unlike merchant grinding, there is no limit to the number of caps these people will provide, so long as you continue providing their desired resource. Below is a table describing the various indivuals who you may assist, the unmarked quest associated with them, what they seek, and the reward for your efforts.

Character Quest Item Reward
Doctor Lesko Nectar Collecting for Fun and Profit Fire ant nectar 40 caps
Grouse Strictly Profitable Enslaved NPCs 250 caps
Jameson Collecting Holotags Brotherhood of Steel holotags 100 caps + 25 XP
Murphy Murphy's Bombing Run Sugar Bombs 15-30 caps
Reilly Geomapping with Reilly Points of Interest 30 caps
Vance I Want to Drink Your Blood Blood packs 15 caps
Walter Walter's Scrap Metal Scrap metal 10 caps+ 5 XP
Yearling Yearning for Learning Pre-War books 100 caps + 10 XP
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