Bugged Sydney's 10mm Ultra SMG

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I've been playing FO3, for almost 4 years (since 09), a friend got me to try it and i was hooked within just a few hours, i have re-purchased it 3 times due to worn out disk's and now (obviously) have the G.O.T.Y.edition... have re-started from scratch at least 14 or 15 times, & finished the entire game probably 3 or 4 times.. I usually play a female character, as some of the lines produced with Black Widow perk are hilarious.

I have lots of tips, and helpful notes for many area's of the game, unfortunatly despite my wish to share them on here, when i put them on they just get deleted by the admin, so if you want to message me, please do...

Favorite N.P.C. - Gob, Brick, Angela Staley

Favorite place - Museum of history

Favorite mission - Reilly's Rangers

Favorite follower - Charon

Favorite add-on - Point Lookout

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random tips for Fallout 3 / New Vegas(just in case they get removed by mods who didn't think of them first) lol

Booted - FO.NV Another way is to position yourself in the gap between the 2 small hills just north of the 2 captives, and snipe the 2 Legion guards, remaining hidden will ensure no effect to either Karma, or Reputation.

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