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Sandbox list because I'm dumb and forget them

What I'm doing

Todo list

  • Fill out stubs and sections needed for games.
  • Do the cleanup pages in category
  • Finish credits
Kdarrow's text project once it's up and running


  • Finish all tables for junk in 76 (Acid, Lead, etc)
  • Wood split pages to 4 & 76
  • Links to all junk items in pages
  • Pre war companies to W.
  • Fill out pre war company table & organise categories (maybe for rw co.)
  • Created Real World Companies Category
  • Sugar Grove Sigint
  • Fixing terminal refs
  • Updated stub pages for some outfits and FO4 Institute characters
  • Created and transcluded unified tables for underarmor with hub pages for each group


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