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I'm an avid gamer, time permitting. My earliest gaming experiences came from the Nintendo 64, which still has a few titles ranking among my favorite games like The Legend of Zelda: Ocarina of Time, Duke Nukem: 64, and Star Fox. Eventually I bought a used Playstation scavenge some scavenged up games from a closing Blockbuster. The original Xbox was next, and after a good time with the system, I decided to stick with Microsoft, later buying a 360 and the One.

Walking the Wastes

Fallout 3 was my introduction to the series, and I found the wiki for the first time soon after. Not long after, I became a fan of the series as a whole. I have since dabbled in the older Fallout titles, with mixed feelings. Fallout: New Vegas reigns supreme as my favorite entry in the series and occasionally I still pay the Mojave a visit. Despite its short comings, the Commonwealth has been home for a while now, though. And Appalachia was a pleasant vacation destination...if you can look past the occasional biological terror and rampant, poorly implemented monetization schemes ravaging the landscape.


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Thanks in advance to anyone who stops by!

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For your recent quality edits related to Fallout 76 content! AllYourFavorites! (talk) 03:48, April 14, 2020 (UTC)
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I wanted to present this most excellent license plate to express my gratitude for not only your support of my b-crat app, but really more for what an incredible difference you have already made on the wiki and in the community as admin. Your decisions and demeanor are calm, collected, informed, and mindful. I rely on you a lot and you always come through. Even when we disagree, I trust you completely, your judgment is spot on, and you have a way with words that far surpasses my own. You are such a natural and having you as my partner in crime I mean sysop-ing is a relief, a joy, and a treat all mixed into one. Here's to many more adventures in crime I mean sysop-ing!
All my love, Pickman heart.png kdarrow take her for a spin! 03:27, 28 July 2021 (UTC)

A pair of shades to make you even cooler than you already are!

- Some shades from Katy.


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Music Interests

I'm a fan of classic rock. My favorites include AC/DC, Def Leppard, The Rolling Stones, Motley Crue, and many more. Occasionally an artist or two that seem totally out of character will slip in too, Marty Robbins for instance. Who you might recognize from the song Big Iron after its appearance in New Vegas, but I've been a fan of his since first hearing El Paso as a kid.

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