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  • Bio I have short patience and a long list. Perhaps you’re on it?

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    Don't forget YouTube:

    Read these, would you kindly (if you’re at the Fallout /d)

    Just a reminder that nobody is above the rules and should show others respect no matter who they are compared to you. Sometimes people with power forget this. Hopefully you never will.

    Backup account/main alt Laat the Survivor:

    If you have issues with the moderation staff or the actions of other users, email Nukapedia at or mailto:moderators@nukapedia.wik, or use the Ask a Mod thread ( [DEFUNCT]) instead of clogging your own post

    If you have an issue with the moderation at the Outer Worlds Wiki, congrats! You have a functioning brain! And working eyes!

    Fallout Wikia’s Most Wanted:

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    ||Fallout: The Mitten episodes||
    — — — — — — — — — — — — — — —

    Part I
    {The Color Gray pt 1}

    {The Color Gray pt 2}

    {The Color Gray pt 3}

    {The Color Gray pt 4}

    {The Color Gray pt 5}
    — — — — — — — — — — — — — — —

    The better wiki skreeeeee

    I am one of the retired shareholders of How Gunz Corp.

    The How Gunz Archives:

    Check out on Fallout 4.

    First real post:

    Take my quiz!

    I was living in Skyrim around the year 201 of the fourth era, when I discovered I was the Dragborn. After deafening the dragon priest Miraak and the World-Eater Aulduin, I found an elder scroll, which transported me off of Nirn to a world called "Earth".

    I changed my name from the Khajiit name of Van'c to Nate, which seemed more fitting. I became a war hero, and had a wife and child. One day, as I headed out to deliver a speech about the war, explosions rocked the earth and I was ushered into to a peculiar cave called a "Vault".

    I awoke over 200 years later to find my wife dead and child missing. I swore vengeance for my wife, and promised to find my son and rebuild the world.

    I decided to destroy the world instead when Nuka-World came out.

    I love to read and write, and often do so in my spare time. FO3 and FO4 are two of my favorite games, along with Assassins Creed, RDR, and TES.

    I'm no expert on lore, but I can answer most questions regarding Fallouts 3, NV and 4, and Skyrim.

    My Discord is Laat the Survivor#6220. I may ignore you.

    My talk page that I check monthly

    Anyone who hates on me shall be punished with 1000 lashings. They shall be hung by their entrails and have their head paraded throughout wikia.
    Witnessed the rise of Trending Today and How Gunz. I saw the fall of many others, too

    Friends so far:
    fun to chat with, fellow Mugganist, cool dude.

    He is a great guy. He (did) put a lot of time into How Gunz, so appreciate it.

    Cobalt Jack:
    All hail King Jack. (He's got my kik SKREEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE!)

    He's blue... and a deer... that turned all the way around...

    Finally, a more positive outlook on butts

    Soviet Wanderer:
    He's a outspoken Soviet, obviously

    Preston Freaking Garvey:
    Another settlement needs your help.

    I help him out with Quantum Tech

    The Courier NCR For Life:
    Ima better shot than him

    He's my dad

    He's my dude

    Some interesting conversations have happened...

    Read above

    Read above the one above

    This is the point where I'm too lazy to list the rest of my friends. To those who are not on here: if you're my friend, you know it by now.

    I literally ran out of room in this account, it’s mostly moved to Laat the Survivor lol
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This job isn't all gunfighting and gulping shots of whiskey, no matter what the boys and ladies out there say. Chief Hanlon

Howdy there, generic user! I am the sheriff of the Fallout Wiki's discussions board. If you have any issues pertaining to my position, shoot me a friend request on Discord or leave a talk page message. My Discord username is Laat the Survivor#6220.

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