• I live in on the Blue Marble
  • I am Male

Well, I guess I moved to the new Vault site and won't be editing here anymore. Below is the old 2011 November 20th version of my userpage before the the Vault's migration. The new one is here.

I am a fan of Fallout.

Experiencing FalloutEdit

  • I was introduced to the original Fallout games back in the day when I was a lil' kid with short attention spans and a hater of turn-based gameplay, therefore I didn't really enjoy them at all. When Fallout 3 came out, I got the game basically just because the Brotherhood of Steel soldier looked so damn cool on the cover. And, well, yeah, 'cause it was advertised as an RPG as well. So I caught the Fallout infection, and it spread - I spent my whole freshman year in university playing through 3. After that, with my, I believe, now-mature outlook I just had to explore the story to the fullest, so Fallout, 2 and Tactics followed.
  • I preorded New Vegas but also fried my tabletop PC: won't be able to experience that shit till summer at best. I read All Roads: it's a pretty fine, well drawn short story. But goddamn, the big fight featured there was unrealistic, especially the flamethrower moment (a brutal battle, yes, I love that, but also an over-the-top and poorly constructed one - a displeasing characteristic).
  • My absolute favourite installment of the game series is Fallout 2. That game is sick crazy - incredibly addictive, hilarious to tears, and, with all its violence, sex, ability to kill children, it has balls unlike the very wimpy 3. Nowadays, I long for a new Fallout similar to 2 to one one day come out.

Other gamesEdit

Other videogame series I am in love with are StarCraft (HUGE fan), GTA, Max Payne, Deus Ex, and Monkey Island. I hope to contribute to their wikis at some point. When I have time, which barely ever happens. ;)

To doEdit

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