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My PSN ID: Nighthawk2K10. Feel free to add me, just ID yourself and say you are from the wiki.

About me

My name Tezzla Cannon. I'm 13 and live in Manchester, England. I like COD, GTA, Fallout, Killzone, LittleBigPlanet, Red Dead Redemption, and lots of other stuff. I play on PS3. I spend most of my time here looking for vandals and undo their edits for fun. My major contributions have been the Van Buren article project and the anti-capitalisation project. I am also going to be an FPS games designer. I am also an administrator on the Little Big Planet Wiki. My major contribs are the decap project, VB article project, and the file maintenance project.


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Random images

Obi-wan force moves goats

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