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  • My occupation is Roaming the Capital Wasteland
  • I am Awesome

Hello there Thijaka here, I'm 20 and I'm an easy going guy, I like going for long walks on the beach and watching films about Giant Robots (I was joking 'bout the beach bit by the way) and my favourite thing is Fallout.

My Main Player Characters:

  • Vault Dweller: Jean-Pierre LeBaeu
  • Chosen One: *pending* (starting new playthrough soon)
  • Lone Wanderer: Harry Dylan Roberts
  • Courier: Dylan Cassius Knight
  • Sole Survivor: Terrance "Terry" Whitmore

Jean-Pierre (Fallout)Edit

My canon Vault Dweller. Jean-Pierre was a stern young adult, with a shaved head, brown eyes and an above-average sized nose. He was keen on the works of Shakespeare, primarily Hamlet and MacBeth. He also had a large interest in other languages, despite the fact he lived in a Vault and would most likely never use other languages in his life. His head being always buried in books made him the key participant to venture out into the Wasteland, due to his vast knowledge of cultures, dialects, fire-arms and survival. He accomplished many deeds, such as slaying a Deathclaw Mother, joining the Brotherhood of Steel and defeating the Master.

People killed by Jean-Pierre:

  • Lieutenant
  • Morpheus
  • Decker
  • Dane
  • Gizmo
  • Izo
  • Kenji
  • Kane
  • Harry
  • Barry
  • Sally
  • Gary
  • Terry
  • Larry
  • Garl
  • Gwen
  • Alya
  • Diana
  • Petrox
  • Tolya
  • Van Hagan
  • Flip
  • Abel
  • Sarah
  • Kyle
  • Krupper
  • Stupid mutant
  • Lt.'s guard

Legendary acts committed by Jean-Pierre:

  • Replaced the water purification chip in Vault 13
  • Stopped the Master and the Unity
  • Blew up Mariposa Military Base
  • Destroyed the Underground
  • Killed a Mother Deathclaw
  • Rescued Tandi
  • Killed Gizmo
  • Joined the Brotherhood of Steel
  • Turned on power in the Glow
  • Defeated the Khans

? (Fallout 2)Edit

My canon Chosen One. Hr was a fairly intelligent tribal (although that isn't saying much), he had an average length hair cut, large green eyes and an appetite for adventure. Because Nahgrito the descendant of the fabled Jean-Pierre, the rest of the tribe saw him as the one who would be able to save them (all apart from his Aunt Morlis of course), they then began calling Nahgrito; the Chosen One, who was destined to find the G.E.C.K. and save his tribe. Nahgrito always lived in the shadow of his ancestor, but he managed to distinguish himself, even possibly surpassing his ancestor, due to the fact he saved his village and resolved the conflicts of other towns, plus stopping the Enclave from ending almost all life on Earth, Nahgrito might possibly be the greatest tribal who has ever lived in the Post-War World.

People killed:

  • Dick Richardson
  • Frank Horrigan
  • Daniel Bird
  • Charles Curling
  • Tom Murray
  • Granite
  • Secretary
  • Base commander
  • Quartermaster
  • Chris
  • Raul
  • Quincy
  • Snookie
  • Schreber
  • Dornan
  • Cookie
  • Metzger
  • Vortis
  • Aidan

Harry Roberts (Fallout 3)Edit


My canon Lone Wanderer. Born to James Roberts and Catherine Roberts. The Wanderer is a kind and considerate, yet lazy and immature, vault dweller. During his early years in education he was a trouble maker, not working hard, always talking to others and as a result, failed to get good grades. During his youth, the Wanderer never took a liking to sports, and as a result, never signed up for Vault 101's baseball team (and he didn't wish that they had a football (soccer) team either), he instead preferred to play with toys in his room and watch old films from before the war. These characteristics caused many in the Vault to bully him and his friend Amata (specifically Butch Deloria), but he never let it get to him.

Teenage YearsEdit

During his teenage years, the Wanderer dreamed of the world above, and became increasingly curious about it. He began to ask his father questions about it, but his father always avoided the questions and instead told him to not talk about things like that, especially in front of the Overseer. He was supposed to become a Vault Marriage Counsellor, but due to him and Brotch tampering with his G.O.A.T. results, he eventually became the Vault's film director and actor, but due to the vault's limited resources, he wasn't able to make many films and only made one, a science fiction film about an alien that looked like a rabbit who fought an ancient evil from another universe. The film was not well-received.

Due to the fact his film career failed, the Wanderer once again became a marriage counsellor, but due to the fact that the Vault only had several hundred people and most where happily married he got very few clients, and as a result, instead chose to sit at home and do nothing all day, every day.

The Water RaidEdit

Bored out of his mind, the Wanderer became one of the vault's janitors, cleaning the halls and scrubbing the floors kept him occupied, and as a result wasn't bored, but still his life felt unfulfilled.

One night, in 2275, when cleaning the lower halls, the Wanderer heard a large banging sound, not too long after he first heard the sound several guards ran past him and told him to leave and return to his room. The guards were accompanied by the Overseer who walked towards the vault door, which appeared to be the source of the ongoing banging.

Harry followed them to see what was going on. It appeared as though many people were banging on the vault door, demanding that the vault supply them with water. The Overseer spoke to the group over a loud speaker, demanding that they leave. Casamir, the leader of the group, pleeded the Overseer for water, stating that he and his men fell from the sky after abandoning a "flying machine" and that they desperately needed water or they were going to die. The Overseer still refused, and told them to either leave or be killed. The group of people left the vault's cave and went into the wasteland to find food and water.

Harry quickly sneaked away before the Overseer knew he was there. He eventually came across his father and told him about the incident, his father told him that he needs to keep the story to himself and then quickly ran off to talk to Jonas.


Harry continued to clean the vault's corridors until one fateful day, when Amata barged into his room one day, told him that his Dad had disappeared, that Jonas was dead and that the Overseer's men were now looking for him. He realised that he needed to leave, knowing that the Overseer wouldn't treat this matter lightly. Armed with a 10mm Pistol and a Vault 101 Jumpsuit, Harry Roberts escaped Vault 101 and went forth, into the Capital Wasteland.

People killed by Harry RobertsEdit

  • Eulogy Jones
  • Allistair Tenpenny
  • Burke
  • Gustavo
  • Jabsco
  • Calvert
  • Carolina Red
  • Cutter
  • Forty
  • Frank
  • Grouse
  • Jotun
  • Leroy Walker
  • Pronto
  • Richter
  • Ymir
  • Leroy Walker
  • Silas
  • Alien Captain
  • Arkansas
  • Madame
  • Torcher
  • Ryan Brigg
  • Goalie Ledoux
  • The Surgeon
  • Bill Foster
  • George Neusbaum
  • Janet Rockwell
  • Mabel Henderson
  • Pat Neusbaum
  • Roger Rockwell
  • Martha Simpson
  • T. Dithers
  • Timmy Neusbaum
  • Zimmer
  • Armitage
  • O'Brian
  • Richards
  • All Gary's
  • Lazlo Ralford
  • Sam Warrick
  • Bingo
  • Bone
  • Duke
  • Friday
  • Gruber
  • Hammer
  • Harris
  • Jackson
  • Krenshaw
  • Lulu
  • Mex
  • Mona
  • O-Dog
  • Phantom
  • Ramsey
  • Reddup
  • Spook
  • Squill
  • Trouble Man
  • Vikia

Legendary Acts committed by Harry RobertsEdit

  • Activated Project Purity
  • Destroyed the Enclave once and for all
  • Liberated the Pitt
  • Settled the ancient dispute between Calvert and Desmond Lockheart
  • Destroyed an Alien Spaceship
  • Recovered technology for the Outcasts
  • Joined the Brotherhood of Steel
  • Disarmed Megaton's bomb
  • Helped Hannibal Hamlim and the abolitionists
  • Sided with the rebels and opened Vault 101
  • Allowed both ghouls and humans to live in Tenpenny Tower
  • Saved Big Town from Super Mutants
  • Recovered a T-51b
  • Elected Rosie as president of the RoD
  • Made a truce between Arefu and the Family
  • Explored Vaults: 87, 92, 106, 108 and 112
  • Put the residents of Tranquillity Lane out of their misery
  • Allowed the Decloration to remain protected by Button Gwinnet
  • Destroyed the Krivbeknih
  • Destroyed the Slaver operations in the Capital Wasteland
  • Let Harold's seed spread all over the wasteland

Dylan Knight (Fallout: New Vegas)Edit

Date of Birth: 1/12/2256

Place of Birth: Shady Sands (NCR)


My canon Courier. Dylan Knight was born on 1st December 2256 to parents Martha Knight and Jonathan Knight. He was a quiet, reserved type, not having too much care for the sport games all the other kids played, instead preferring to read and write and imagine. Born in the heart of NCR, he grew up hearing all the propaganda of the NCR and many tales about "heroes" from the wastes. One hero is only known as the "Vault Dweller", a figure that many people doubt even existed at all. The tale said that he came from the fabled Vault 13, which no one has ever found. Dylan wondered if he could ever find this fabled place, and if he could become a fabled icon to the children of the wasteland, like the Vault Dweller.

Growing up, Dylan was far more intelligent than the rest of his peers, and unlike every one else, has a great love of everything plasma related, whether it was a grenade or a P94 Winchester Plasma Rifle, he hardly ever got his hands on plasma weapons, as any kind of weapon isn't suitable for a child. He was a physically weak child, but wasn't bullied because of the respect he got from his peers, as he helped fix their things and teach them about technology.

Life as a FollowerEdit

When he was 14, Dylan's mother was killed by a raider who was addicted to chems, specifically jet. After the death of his mother he travelled down to the Boneyard, where his father was, and joined the Followers of the Apocalypse, who had regained their strength since the time of the Master and the Unity. He was quickly adapted to life in the Followers, and even got his hands of a P94, which he somehow managed to lose within a few short days.

in 2272, a group of mercenarys came through the Boneyard, led by a man named Casamir. Casamir was a gun for hire, a large, take-no-prisoner kind of guy. He was in search of a lost treasure, a "jewel of the wastes" he called it, he was trying to find Vault 13. Dylan then remembered the stories of the Vault Dweller, and the deeds he had done. He then tried to get in with the merc group, as he wanted the fame and fortune of finding the most infamous Vault ever created. The mercs weren't so keen to take him on, he was a pasty member of the Followers, he wasn't a merc type. Dylan noticed one of the merc's guns was broken, he used his knowledge to repair the gun, and doing so gained the trust of Hesketh and the mercs. Dylan hastily left the Followers and his Dad to find the lost treasure with the mercs, hoping to carve out his own destiny, find fortune and to become someone who was told in tales to the children of the wasteland.

Wasteland AdventurerEdit

Joining the group known as Casamir's Company, he left in search of Vault 13. During the 2 years the group sent searching for the place they came across many treasures and riches. They travelled to many places, including New Reno, the Den, Circle Junction, Vault City, Fort Abandon and been around the Big Circle. During their travels they met much of the wasteland's inhabitants, including John Cassidy, a ghoul named Lenny and even a talking Deathclaw.

After 2 years of searching for the fabled Vault, the company decided to give up, coming to the conclusion that the high amount of gold offered by the Wrights to find the Vault wasn't good enough for the amount of searching they had gone through. The group decided to travel back to the NCR to tell them that the deal was off, but just by luck, they found it. Underneath Mt. Whitney was a passage way, clear as day, the team walked into it and there it was, Vault 13. The company cheered, their search was over, they where now rich. But to their surprise, the vault was occupied, stood in front of one of the doors to the vault was a man clad in matt-black power armor, gripping an urban plasma rifle and talking to a man named "Autumn" over an intercom.

"ENCLAVE!" one of the men shouted and the company began to run back out the tunnel. Behind them they could hear the sound of plasma hitting the walls of the tunnel, one of the men was hit, and then another, and then another, until only 10 people were left in the company, their former comrades were now nothing more than piles of plasma goo. Dylan had become injured and couldn't walk any further, and despite the fact he had been an ally to his fellow people in the company, they abandoned him and ran off into the distance.

The Enclave soldiers arrived and dragged Dylan into the Vault, the last part of the outside world he saw was a Vertibird taking of into the sky that he later found out had been stolen by the rest of his former company.

Prisoner in Vault 13Edit

Coming Soon


Coming Soon

Becoming a CourierEdit

Coming Soon

The Mysterious PackageEdit

Coming Soon

Another Mysterious PackageEdit

Coming Soon

People killed by Dylan Knight:

  • Benny
  • Caesar
  • Vulpes Inculta
  • Lucius
  • Aurelious of Phoenix
  • Dead Sea
  • Alexus
  • Canyon Runner
  • Cursor Lucullus
  • Decanus Severus
  • Antony
  • Motor-Runner
  • Cook-Cook
  • Driver Nephi
  • Violet
  • Joe Cobb
  • Robert House
  • Victor
  • Jane
  • Eddie
  • Carter
  • Dawes
  • Scrambler
  • Mortimer
  • Dermot
  • Saint James
  • Nero
  • Big Sal
  • Beast
  • Blister
  • Bonesaw
  • Blade
  • Logan

My Favourite Fallout CharactersEdit

Top Fallout Side QuestsEdit

Top Fallout SettlementsEdit

Top Fallout FactionsEdit

Honourable Mention - The Church of the Children of Atom: A brilliant piece of comic relief that makes me actually believe that a town could actually be built around a bomb. While there's not too much to say about this faction as it's generally a minor one, it's small, well written factions like this that make the Fallout universe so great.

15 - Raiders: What would Fallout be without the raiders? These chem addicted Mad Max extras that plague the entirety of the former United States add so much to the Fallout world, even though they generally only exist to be cannon fodder. I am using raiders as a general term for the several different raider groups that have appeared throughout the Fallout, including the Vipers, Jackals, Fiends, D. C. Raiders, Smugglers, etc.

14 - Khans: The Khans (now known as Great Khans) are probably the most well known raiders from the Fallout universe (other than the D. C. cannon fodder), as they have appeared in several different games, including Fallout, Fallout 2 and Fallout: New Vegas. While fairly bland in the earlier titles, by the time they had reached the Mojave Wasteland, the Khans where finally stylized and given their own personal look. Now more of a straight up gang than petty raiders, the Khans played a large and wonderful role in Fallout: New Vegas. "(Papa) KHHHAAAANNN!"

13 - Kings: While a fairly minor faction in the Fallout universe, the Kings are still a very well written and well realised faction. Based in a building which was the home of a pre-war Elvis Presley interpretation club, the Kings played a key role in Fallout: New Vegas and offer some quality comic relief to boot.

12 - Slavers: Generally I'm referring to Eulogy Jones' large group of slavers, but pretty much all slaver groups in the Fallout world have really impressed me. When playing an "evil" character they are fun to side with, but when playing a "good" character they are excellent for target practice. Either way the Slavers enhance the Fallout experience like no other faction.

11 - Boomers: Not only having the most stylized look out of all the new factions in Fallout: New Vegas, the Boomers also occupy the best settlement in the Mojave Wasteland (bar New Vegas of course). Coming with the great theme of isolationism, having lots 'n' lots of weapons and giving the Courier the kick-ass quest: Volare! The Boomers have rightfully earned their spot as one of the best factions

10 - Reilly's Rangers: This small group of mercenaries from D. C. may not have played a huge role in the series, but they left a distinct impression on me non-the-less. Reilly, the leader of the group, is a wonderful character and her fellow rangers come with pretty decent personalities as well. This, coupled with their completely awesome armour and their equally awesome quest of the same name, Reilly's Rangers are a welcome addition to the post apocalyptic wasteland.

9 - The Unity/Super Mutants: This spot covers both Mariposa Super Mutants as well as their dumber east coast cousins. The Super Mutants are some of the most iconic creatures in the Fallout universe and rightfully so, as the Master is one of the greatest antagonists of the Fallout games, and Lieutenant is pretty damn intimidating as well ("Where is the Vault?" *Shits self*). Other great characters in the Mutant faction are of course Fawkes, Marcus, Harry, Horrigan and many others.

8 - Brotherhood Outcasts: The true Brotherhood on the East Coast, the Outcasts fully respect the Brotherhood's original mission and don't deviate from this mission at all, the Outcasts are in D. C. to find technology, nothing more, nothing less. The only thing the Outcasts truly lack in the base game (outside of Casdin) are memorable characters (Olin and Sibley make up for this in Operation: Anchorage), but the Outcasts make up for it with their beautifully executed armour.

7 - Think Tank: The creators of the dreaded Cazadors, that alone made me almost not put these guys on the list (I... HATE... CAZADORS), but no one can deny the true piece of storytelling brilliance that is the Think Tank. Obsidian: Entertainment really outdid themselves with this faction, making by far the funniest faction in the Fallout universe. The brains, coupled with the Automated Personality's up in the Sink, make the Think Tank a work of true genius.

6 - Pitt Raiders: The Pitt Raiders aren't exactly well stylised, they do not have their own iconic uniform like the Brotherhood of Steel or Enclave do, nor are they given that much content (only one 4 hour DLC), but damn, these guys are brilliant. The Pitt Raiders are one of the finest examples of Fallout's grey morality that I have come across in the games and are why Ishmael Ashur is by far the best DLC antagonist. Despite the fact they're a bunch of low-life raiders who do terrible things to the citizens of The Pitt, they actually made me question whether or not what they where doing was right.

The Pitt has a working Steel Mill, and these raiders (mostly Ashur) were using it to rebuild civilization, and not only this, but they where trying to cure radiation. An incredibly noble goal and once these tasks were done the slaves would be free and would be allowed to live in this new civilization. The Pitt Raiders made me question my actions, whether or not the ends justify the means, and whether it is right to put this bunch of filthy raiders in charge of civilization. The Pitt Raiders are a masterful piece of writing that truly show of what the Fallout universe is about.

5 - Followers of the Apocalypse: We have arrived at the top five, the heavy hitters, the best of the best, the awesomest of the awesome. Just making it into the top 5 is the Followers of the Apocalypse, although they shouldn't even be here, as the only possible ending for them in Fallout was them getting completely slaughtered (ooohhhh canon, how messed up you are). Regardless of the groups problems when it comes to canon, the Followers are one the best Fallout has to offer. While their appearance in Fallout was largely forgettable like their other fellow Boneyard factions (*cough* Blades *cough*), the Followers truly shined in Fallout: New Vegas. They were, in my eyes, the only truly kind hearted faction, and that was good enough for me. But other than that, the Followers had a wonderful roster of quests, brilliant characters (Arcade Gannon anyone?) and had a great signature look, the Followers deserve to be in the top 5.

4 - Caesar's Legion: Caesar's Legion are quite brilliant, an amazing example of grey morality and characters, it was done so well by Obsidian that when playing through Fallout: New Vegas for the first time I actually considered joining them, despite the fact they discriminate against women, enslave people and do generally awful things. The actions Caesar's Legion do can be seen as necessary, a cruelty the wasteland needs to be able to rebuild itself. Like the Pitt Raiders, Caesar's Legion is a truly grey faction that asks you if the ends justify the means.

Not only is Caesar's Legion a faction that makes you question your morals, but it's a faction with a monstrous amount of exceptional characters. Caesar, Vulpes Inculta and of course Legate Lanius are all well written and hugely entertaining characters. Obsidian should be proud, they have created a wonderful faction that is a superb addition to the Fallout universe.

3 - New California Republic: Democracy at its finest, and by finest I mean at its complete and total worst. I doubt that Aradesh intended his little town of Shady Sands to turn into this colossal, greedy and corrupt faction. The NCR has a hard time even looking after its own borders, and compared to Caesar's Legion its Caravans and trade routes are about as secure and protected as those in the Capital Wasteland.

After that mini-rant you may be wondering why I placed the NCR so high on this list, and just to confuse you more, I usually side with the NCR when I play the Fallout titles. Why? Because the NCR, despite their flaws (and they have a lot) are a pretty darn good faction for the people of the wasteland, while its borders are weak and its taxes are incredibly expensive, the NCR does seem to look after its several hundred thousand population quite well, and it does it without discrimination of genders and without taking away people's freedom. Also, while many of the NCR's high ranking officials are corrupt and fairly "evil" (I'm looking at you Moore!) there are a lot of good people in the NCR, Boone, Cass, James Hsu, and many more. The New California Republic like many other factions are grey as can be, with many flaws but also many positives, for me the NCR's many strengths outweigh its weaknesses.

2 - Brotherhood of Steel: Fiction's most wonderful band of heroes, and insane neutrals. More Coming Soon

1 - Enclave: Fiction's greatest villain. More Coming Soon

Game Rankings:Edit

6. Fallout: Brotherhood of SteelEdit

An almost unplayable mess, with horrific gameplay and poor characters, Fallout: Brotherhood of Steel remains, by far, the worst game in the franchise. 2/10


+ It's Fallout

+ Some fun characters and references


- Almost everything else

5. Fallout: TacticsEdit

A decent little action game, while the game severely pushes the boundaries of what is considered canon, it still has fun settlements and moderately good gameplay 6/10.


+ Fun gameplay

+ Lots of weapons

+ Interesting settlements


- Too much Brotherhood of Steel

- Lack of role-playing elements

- Some overly silly elements

4. Fallout 2Edit

The worst of the great Fallout games, but still one of my favourite games of all time. Fallout 2 has more content than the original Fallout, plus a whole plethora of weapons and apparel to chose from. The characters here are great, and the settlements for the most part are highly memorable. Where Fallout 2 falls down however is it's fairly poor storyline, lack of role-playing elements in said story, and some fairly silly and out of place references. Fortunately, outside of the main story the role-playing is top notch. This game also introduces the greatest villains of all time; The Enclave! 9.2/10


+ Lots of fun, well written content

+ Mostly great role-playing elements

+ Great characters and settlements

+ Lots of weapons and apparel

+ Introduction of the Enclave


- Lack of choice towards the end of the "main quest"

- Some silly and unnecessary references

3. FalloutEdit

The game that made all of this possible, the story was great and the characters where great as well. However, the gameplay and combat, while still highly fun, left something to be desired, and lacked the masterful explorer vibe of the later games. The setting and locations were classic and what kept me glued to the game. Basically, it's one of the greatest games ever made. 9.5/10


+ Introduction to the greatest fictional universe ever made

+ Wonderful characters and settlements

+ Great world

+ Absolutely perfect atmosphere

+ Solid role-playing elements


- Some massive bugs

- Not so great gameplay

2. Fallout: New VegasEdit

My second favourite game of all time, Fallout: New Vegas is truly outstanding. Having the best set of characters in the franchise, plus the best role-playing elements I've ever encountered in any game, ever. However, the game lacks the awe-inspiring atmosphere that could be found in some of the other games, and it's story felt fairly disjointed. First you were going after Benny, then you were suddenly involved in a war, it all felt jumbled. Thankfully, the game's brilliant downloadable content helped give the main story more focus, and gave us an over-arching story which was far more interesting than the one found in the initial game. Other than these few flaws (and a hell of a lot of bugs), Fallout: New Vegas is great and possibly the best role-playing game ever made.


+ Huge amount of content and side quests

+ Masterful role-playing

+ Tremendous characters and writing

+ Fun settlements

+ Brilliant downloadable content

+ Massive amount of well written, relatable factions


- Lacked the great atmosphere that Fallout and Fallout 3 had

- A fairly disjointed main story

- Mojave was fairly bland in comparison to other wastelands

- A plethora of bugs

1. Fallout 3Edit

- 9.9/10


+ Great, heartwarming story of hope and sacrifice

+ Best world to be featured in fiction to date

+ Best atmosphere in fiction to date

+ Lots of wonderful characters and settlements

+ Mostly great role-playing

+ Mostly great downloadable content

+ Lots of new, fun weapons and apparel

+ Tremendous gameplay


- Linear main story

- A few too many "essential" characters

- A few canon inconsistencies

- Some world sustainability problems

- Bugs

- Mothership Zeta

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