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At the age of 18, Harry Conrad's village in southern Arizona was attacked by slavers. Many were killed, but others, including his mother, father, and little sister, were captured. After standing up to the slaver leader, he won the light respect of him, and was allowed to leave. Harry fled to the Mojave to raise money to buy back his village. The only job he could find was a courier for the Mojave Express.

However, at the age of 22, he got word from the slaver leader that they had finally killed the survivors of the attack. The message was both a message of condolences, and a final stab at Harry. He received this message doing a courier job. When he received this message in Goodsprings, he planned to turn around and go back to the slave camp in Arizona to avenge his village or die trying, but was attacked by Benny and the Great Khans en route.

Having been almost killed by a single man, Harry realized that heading to a slave camp with little more than a pistol would end with certain death, he spent his next few months gaining more experience and weapons in preparation to finally take vengeance on his family's death.

Finally, 1 year after he got the message, Harry set out to go kill the slavers. Before he left, his friends, Boone, Cass, and Veronica stopped him, and tried to talk him out of the attack. However, after telling them his full story, they all found they could relate, and decided to go with him.

So, they set out, and it was not until 2 years later that he returned. Alone.


Survivalist's rifle Harry's primary rifle

Supermutant's assault carbine Harry's modified Assault Carbine, Overbeck

Supermutant's Marksman carbine Harry's modifired Marksman Carbine, Hunter

Supermutant's LMG Harry's modifired LMG, Dusty


I walked into the cave and needless to say, I felt bubbly. Then I got hit over the head with a sarcophagus when I eventually. After several Jules of this, I decided on kicking him under the letter. So ends the story of the moose and the watermelon.

^This was my Schizophrenic mind writing down the first words that came into my head. --With care and happiness, Supermutantslayer450' YOU. LOSE. 02:11, June 19, 2011 (UTC)


User: Supermutantslayer450/Story

Weapon TiersEdit

Tier One: Militiaman (Level 1-10)

Leather armor, reinforced and Recruit helmet
Combat knife
Cowboy repeater
.357 revolver
Hunting Rifle w/ Scope

Tier Two: Grunt (Level 11-21)

Recon armor and Recon helmet
Combat knife
10mm Submachine Gun
9mm pistol
Trail Carbine w/ scope
Frag grenade

Tier Three: Support Soldier (Level 22-32)

Combat armor and Combat helmet
Combat knife
Service rifle
10mm pistol
Sniper rifle
Plasma grenade

Tier Four: Frontline Soldier (Level 33-44)

Combat armor, reinforced and Combat Helmet, Reinforced
Combat knife
Assault carbine
12.7mm pistol
Marksman carbine
Grenade rifle

Tier Five: Field Commander (Level 45)

Combat armor, reinforced mark 2 and Combat Helmet, reinforced Mark 2
Combat knife
Light machine gun
.45 Auto pistol
Anti-materiel rifle
Grenade launcher


Harry Conrad - Main character, mostly Guns.
Jeremiah Fordham - Cowboy, Guns.
Occisor Attero - Assassin, sneak. (By my best translation, it means Ruined Murderer in Latin. If someone has a better translation, please let me know).
Sydney Mars - Energy Weapons.
Norman Walker - Soldier, Guns.



Red: 3
Green: 7
Blue: 9


Red: 9
Green: 16
Blue: 16

Dark PurpleEdit

Red: 9
Green: 5
Blue: 16


Red: 11
Green: 5
Blue: 1

Dark GreenEdit

Red: 1
Green: 7
Blue: 1

Wonderful PurpleEdit

Red: 16
Green: 1
Blue: 16
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