Not much is known about Liam Collins, other than what his holodisks say. These audio logs imply that he was part of the R&D Team that developed the Pip-Boy 3000, as well as the Bozar. If he is killed, a Vault-Watch Mark 1 can be found on his corpse. It is equippable, and goes over your Pip-Boy 3000, but can also be sold for 3500 Caps. This furthers the implication that he developed the Pip-Boy. He was also the creator of a pre-war company, Splitting The Atom Productions. See 'Known Transcripts' for more information.


Liam Collins appears only in Fallout 3's add-on, To Ronto. When he is encountered, he has been fully ghoulified, and is the only known Feral Ghoul in the game capable of carrying a Big Gun. He wields the unique Bozar, and can be very deadly if not equipped with a large supply of stimpacks. He can be found in University Metro.

Obtaining as a FollowerEdit

It is possible to obtain Liam as a Companion. In order to do this, you must have the Ghoul Mask. When you first see him, he will be crouching down. Equip the Ghoul Mask. Now walk past him, and pick up all the holodisks from his desk. Listen to all of the Transcripts. Now enter conversation with him. He should simply hiss. Now choose any non-hostile comment, and he should say "Yessssss... I remember..." Now choose the other non-hostile comment. He should talk for a while, regaining more and more humanity with each comment. He will thank you for your kindness, and offer to protect and follow you.

Known TranscriptsEdit

New EmployeeEdit


Begin Audio Log. That's it. I'm working for Vault-Tec. I used to think this nuclear threat was a hoax. But now... The U.N. just collapsed... This threat's never gonna go away. I wanna help as many people as I can, and Vault-Tec seems like the most logical choice. End Audio Log.

Guinea PigEdit


Begin Audio Log. This place is great. I'm working with people just like me. People who wanna help. We're currently working on some sort of device for use in the Vaults. It's kind of like a watch, but it does a lot more than just tell time. The features on this thing will be unbelievable. It can already create a map of your surroundings, and it's only a prototype. Soon it'll be able to keep track of all of your skills, using a 100-point ranking system. It needs to be tested, so I've volunteered to try it out. They say I'll get to keep it once they've built some more. It feels good to be working on something so revolutionary. We've still gotta think of a name for this thing. Maybe... The Vault-Watch Mark 1. I'll pitch that to the crew later. End Audio Log.



Begin Audio Log. I can't believe I trusted Vault-Tec for so long. 12 fucking years. They wanna take advantage of fucking Armageddon? "Running observational tests in the Vaults", they said. More like fucking with the minds of innocent people. I've already packed up my shit. I'm leaving. Some of the guys from the Labs are coming with me though. We're gonna start a new company. One that will REALLY help people. We're calling it Splitting The Atom Productions. End Audio Log.

God Bless AmericaEdit


Begin Audio Log. Well, there goes the neighborhood. We are now officially 'The Northern United States'. Super. The whole world's going to shit. One of our Technicians decided to go out and protest. Came back in a body bag. They're just shooting any rioters on sight. I'd say we've got about 5 years left until there's no hope. End Audio Log.



Begin Audio Log. We've started work on a new weapon. It's a sniper. I'm just looking at the blueprint now. Here's what it says: "The ultimate refinement of the sniper's art. Although somewhat finicky and prone to jamming if not kept scrupulously clean, the big weapon's accuracy more than makes up for its extra maintenance requirements." Should be done soon. We're gonna call it the Bozar. Stupid name, I know, but it's not my choice to make. End Audio Log

It's OverEdit


Begin Audio Log. This is probably the last Audio Log I will ever make. It's happening... I can see the cloud... it's so damn big... For anyone who hears this... Goodbye... End Audio L-kkkzzzrt



Begin Audio Log. These damned Bozars are useless to anyone that needs to use them. Snipers involve skill and training, something that nobody has in the wastes. The few of us that survived have rarely ever shot a gun. I'm gonna turn the Bozar into a heavy support weapon. I'll just change the magazine size, and tweak the rate of fire. End Audio Log.



Begin Audio Log. People out here are becoming more and more hostile. I can't leave my base without being attacked by 30 raiders. To make things worse, chunks of my skin are falling off me. I can't think straight... My head hurts so much. I'm done... He... He he. He he he... AH HA HA HA... END AUDIO LOG!

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