Lyons' Pride
Hey, I'm Sombar1. I'm kinda a noob compared to other peeps on this site, but that doesn't mean I'm uncool or anything, it just means I have more of a life (suck it nubs!), and therefore I don't ONLY play this game and only do this. I am a writer and have been featured on radio and am publishing my first novel, and though I hate to brag, the story is more extensive and detailed than that of 99% of all video games, perhaps more. So, all of y'all who are like "Wow, this is the best story I've ever heard, read, or played" you can suck it cuz once my book is out or my first movie hits theaters, you can bet your ass that your jaw will hit the floor with joy and astonishment at my brilliance. Yeah, I guess I'm egotistical, but we all are, so screw it. the Wasteland Survival Guide.

T-45d Power Armor

BOS (my faction I guess)

G3ASSAULTRIFLEThis User is A Raider Of The Lost Vault
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