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aka ♤Niner Ace of Spades♤

  • I live in Behind Badmin Lines.
  • Bio This is mostly a Fallout bio and is p cringe, if you're from another wiki and you aren't a badmin cuck, I love you 😋😏😚

    Honestly this bio is all cringe but I'll keep it here as a reminder of what a year or two of NP can do haha

    My first real ban here was because of a warning I recieved in chat 6 months ago, just remember that.

    My second real ban here was because I reported 1 dickish comment. 1 report gets you banned, watch out guys.

    1v1 Turnouts :

    Pint-Sized Pickman : 19-2, win for me.
    Reggie : 34-4, win for me.
    Audumb : 44-2, win for me.
    Immortal : I was supposed to fight him at some point but he was too lazy to log on to get beat on lel
    Laat : 99-12,win for me
    Leon pussed out
    Urban is scared

    This gem : Check out this Discussion post on Fandom

    Another another gem Check out this Discussion post on Fandom

    More gem Check out this Discussion post on Fandom

    If you're trying to get in contact with me, be it urgent or no, go to discord and find me there. I rarely check my talk page on here, or posts at all for that matter.
    Discord username: silentWraith_291#9999

    I like this post. If you played Fo4, you should read through it. It's worth it trust me.


    My, "My Thoughts on:" series. I did all 4 of the main factions in Fallout 4 to start.

    "Episode" one, The Railroad :

    "Episode" two, The Institute :

    "Episode" three, The Minutemen :

    "Episode" four, The Brotherhood of Steel :

    End of Fo4 factions

    With Our Powers Combined...

    Here's my edgy but still fun discord server with a lot of unique elements and folks to talk to.

    I shall be educating n00bs about NV's superiority to 4, etc etc(sarcastic), long live me Whoever roled back my ban, and saka, i owe you a milkshake(It is the new currency?)
    Yes, I am still alive, do not worry.
    Quarter's great Crusade. I hope it goes well. I want /d to be something...of worth again. I really do.

    I don't ussally update this ole thang but Jesus Christ, BrandonBlazer has earned his spot here.

    Maybe I should start a "RIP WALL". Whether it contain trophies or sadness...

    Check out this Discussion post on Fandom
    PA level requirements for 76


    Warning traveler! My bio is a complete fucking mess! Do not continue!


    Rep With Chat: Vilified Rep with /d: Good Natured Rascal Rep with Editors: Neutral
    I am a BOS Sentinel on here
    New AMA thread Check out this Discussion post on Fandom

    Read the rules, for me? :), rules
    Dunno if it's a new page or whatever. I like new links all the same.

    Our friendly moderators, administrators, and bureaucrats, keep up the good work guys
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    Be warned, once you change it, it stays that way forever, change it wisely.

    Block list
    ***Now quit askin, damnit***

    Saka speaks on advertising.

    My thoughts on the Railroad.

    My great friend Courier, made this

    Silent Wraith, the taker of 4th...god damn it

    This made me laugh.

    Check out this Discussion post on Fandom

    Thoughts for google is back, and ready to debate!

    Too all who care to argue why the BOS is evi, feel free to light up my discord pms

    Thoughts for google is a robot i bet

    For...own reference
    Settlement guide!

    Swedish Mafia as the best meme maker i have seen, he earns this spot here as meme making master

    The BOS isnt fucking evil I say why here Check out this Discussion post on Fandom
    "Reeee enclave gud i hate bos"
    Also, laat made a huge analysis based off the BoS's history about why they aren't evil, all credit goes to laat here.
    "In the days before the bombs fell in late October of 2077, Roger Maxson deserted from the US military for their crimes against humanity using the FEV. He later led the innocent people out of the Mariposa Bunker to Lost Hills, another gov’t facility.

    In 2155, the Brotherhood led an attack against the Raider gang known as the Vipers with the intent to protect the Wasteland. High Elder Maxson II died in this attack. The rest of the Vipers were taken care of shortly thereafter in a huge assault, and those remaining fled North past the Sierra Madre mountains.

    In 2161 the Vault Dweller joined the Brotherhood and together they exterminated the Master, a man of guilty of numerous crimes against nature, including the creation of Super Mutants and the kidnapping of countless innocents to feed his experiments. The Brotherhood remained as the most technologically advanced faction in New California at this time, and became a player in the research of technology.

    The Brotherhood sent a scouting party to the Midwest, which later became the Midwest Chapter of the Brotherhood of Steel. They recruited everyone from Ghouls to Deathclaws to peaceful Super Mutants. In 2198 they encountered a robot army led by the Calculator in Vault 0, and defeated it before it could take over the Wastes. They merged his mind with either the Warrior or Simon Barnkay.

    The Brotherhood also helped in the establishment of the New California Republic, giving aid in the form of protection and limited amounts of technology.

    In 2242, the Brotherhood also helped the Chosen One destroy the Enclave’s oil rig before they could use the Wastes for their demonic experiments, like making more Super Mutants and enslaving Vault Dwellers...."
    "In 2254 the Brotherhood sent Owyn Lyons to make contact with the Midwest Brotherhood, but he never did. Instead, they overshot and ended up in Pittsburg, where they eradicated the slavers there. The East Coast Brotherhood proceeded to adapt to the harsh realities of the East Coast Wasteland and loosely interpreted the Codex. When they reached Washington DC, they ran into a new breed of hostile Super Mutants from Vault 87 and proceeded to try and eradicate the monsters. Eventually, in 2277, the Lone Wanderer made contact with the East Coast Brotherhood and helped them in destroying Enclave forces who wished to kill all of DC and re-establishing Project Purity, which brought clean water to the DC area.

    As of now, the East Coast Brotherhood has a nation-state in DC where they provide, food, water, and protection to the people and have a force in the Commonwealth. The state of the Western Brotherhood is unknown other than the fact that they went into hiding due to a war with the NCR.

    So how again are they evil?"
    Again, any and all credit goes to laat for making this.

    Why the Enclave IS evil Check out this Discussion post on Fandom


    Check out this Discussion post on Fandom

    This spot of my bio goes to T234LovelyCassie, for being awesome.


    Do you know how hard it is to hide all your info?

    "The revolution is over! There can't be any revolution when the people who run it are dead!"

    Hit 1k posts proud of myself On November 8th 2017 Link to that.... http://

    Hit 2k in late November again, can't find it though

    Hit 3k February 6th,

    Will be remembered,

    Apparently this is the first post ever

    I have 6 followers now they worship me as god...okay then

    AMA for own reference

    Forgot if I had put this here yet or not, so here (the wiki isn't about me before you ask)

    ALSO note this is a long ass bio dont waste your time reaidng it save yourself the time youll never get it back.....

    Oh btw if you are reading this for a fanfic or whateves here is how the silent Wraith Is mysterious character that has been around and seems simple but pulls a lot of strings behind all that yeah character should be

    This is a shrine dedicated to Overseer X OH GREAT OVERSEER YOU HAVE PROMOTED ME TO PALADIN THANK YOU....ACCEPT THIS....toilet paper... AS TRADE *ghost sounds*

    Oh and now im Sentinel

    For the Brotherhood! *note this is a crappy rethink of Clollin's bio of you want good memes go to him But anyway the games i play used to include cod but.....anyhow i play twisted metal 201(3?) fallout exept 1 2 and tactics (yes i have had the disspleasure of playing bos) i play battlefield the evil within (2s comin out soon) Collin Saka(registered catmin) Gunny The Courier Ncr for Life ArthurMaxon and pally(is maxon even alive?)Richie 9999, From what ive reas up on Rusty easily earns this spot, Cass as well and Agent C are my favorite mods (prob pissed someone off there) i am a wiki nub my favouite swear is cunt see collins bio for why (nice one collin) fav fallout game is nv fav company is obsidian fav food is food my fav drink is....a certain soda....fav movie is....idk actully i wish for a pony no? Fine I actully live in the...dont wanna give my adress out thanks btw. My fav(dis is da last one trust me) post was when someone called out and made a huge deal when...someone(Saka) spelled lazy with a thats such a big deal but i digress. Well damn u took time out of ur life to read this i feel ur pain man i typed all dis anyway im out*throws smokebomb*








    Get outta here u know a smokebomb is serious business

    My fav users are most of the mods and NewRGI Grand(now High)Elder R. Guess i like (no these people are gods) Overseer X Argent(would but he got banned aka dont be him) a bit JBour *clap*my man, ummm darth yeti and the phantommenace (87?)who makes those cards(which are fucking hilarious might i add) prob more but too lazy so ill be updating once i get to it and argents armory series *slaps knee* my man(note he got banned on November 1st 2017 if anyone wants to keep track)oh and Daniel of the Sorrows and Musty Radish dey dope (not anymore mate, you dont belong here anymore) oh and Nukathecola he cool idk if i said him or not but IanTheBean he cool umm TheLucky38 he gave me a cold one so he earned his place umm Black K. He cool Also EnclaveForLife hes dope, also, ma boi Toms007 was happy for me, so he earns a spot too, take notes. T234LovelyCassie obviously, NCR Ranger Alex, also, I Am The Falcon.

    People i dislike No one! I like you all!

    Y r u here leave

    Since you're too persistant here is my fav fallout quote from The man himself "The time for talk has passed the lords work must be done" my fav fallout parady is the lords work on yt there now leave

 know its a bethesda game if it crashes

    The Brotherhood of Steel is the best and only hope for the commonwealth My wepon of choice is the well any red laser wepon Armor duh bos t60 Uhh weakness idk

    The rules of the wiki DONT BE STUPID :)

    Never call me Wraithy or Wraithiu never that includes you Saka

    The evil within(and 2) is best played on nightmare mode

    Listen to the catmin and DO NOT WAKE HIM UP he wont like it he will prob start calling your name with iu on the end of it sadly resulting in things like for me "Wraithfu or Wraithiu"

    Are links aloud here?eh who knows When i burp a whole new universe with a multiverse and a subverse is made Good luck on the ship Collin

    Do you call me Silent or Wraith? Or both?!No-one knows yet....

    My fav series on here are the cards for users and questions for the wiki

    If you play your cards right you can win any gamble *pulls out dungeons and dragons rare card*

    How much space do these have damn?

    Hate when people say "huh sports are just kicking and throwing balls how is that exciting?"

    Darth yeti calls he his friend for not liking rap im here to remind you yeti make ur fuckun bio

    Life is just a circle with a timer that can get shorter or longer it always ends but keeps you going on in never make it

    Life is a deck of cards....most of the time you get shit on....and lose everything

    You really are persistant arent you well i always get the last laugh....

    That universe i was talking about there it is keep scrolling youll find it promise

    The thing about happiness is that you only know you had it when it's gone. I mean, you may think to yourself that you're happy. But you don't really believe it. You focus on the petty bullshit, or the next job, or whatever. It's only looking back, by comparison to what comes after, that you really understand that's what happiness felt like."if you take any lesson from my bio take this

    You should have listened I ALWAYS GET THE LAST LAUGH however you can leave will you?

    Welcome to Hell,where you are about to be blasted to...
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