• I was born on July 13
  • My occupation is Ex-Wikia editor
~ Shinybutt ~
"I didn't know there were sheep in F:NV and FO3" -- SA on the Enclave

My name is Shining-Armor. I am a 20-year old transgender woman (male to female) living in Detroit, Michigan. I am currently married to my husband of almost a year. I am full-spectrum color blind (achromatopsia) meaning that I cannot see color at all. Essentially I only see in black and white (like movies in the 1950s).

I am a self-taught computer scientist who specializes in nothing at all. I am a jack of all trades when it comes to programming meaning I can really make anything but I can't make it particularly well... yet. That's not to say that the stuff that I do make is shoddy or barely functional. In fact, all of the things that I work towards producing I spend plenty of time fixing and bug squashing so that the end product doesn't randomly fuck up and kill someone.

I also quite like languages and I enjoy studying them in depth. Currently a few of the ones that I am looking into are as follows:

  • Estonian
  • Serbian
  • Finnish
  • Chippewa

I am currently playing

Fallout 3 (collector's edition)

Fallout New Vegas (collector's edition)


World of Tanks (Xbox One)

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