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Fallout Misconceptions to be Aware of

  • "Deathclaws are the result of FEV": Only some come from FEV, canonically the Master's and Enclave's. Most result from just gene splicing experiments from before the Great War. According to Jonah Lobe, who was responsible with their redesign in Fallout 4, they are derived from "chameleons, alligators, bulls, panthers, serpents, and lizards".
  • "All Ghouls become Feral": Becoming Feral depends on the amount of radiation damage to a Ghoul's brain.
  • "The BoS can build Power Armor": They cannot. Only the Appalachian chapter canonically has shown the ability to do so. The rest of the Brotherhood modify existing armor. There are the two unique PA models used by the MWBoS, but it is never explicitly noted where they obtained those.
  • "The Brotherhood kills mutants": Most of the Brotherhood dislikes mutants, but will not kill them without reason. Read up on the Midwestern BoS for some very interesting info on BoS-mutant relations.
  • "Synths don't age": The conversations used as defense for the statement is highly interpretable and contradicted by other in-universe sources. The least probable interpretation being they totally don't age at all. While we know that the Institute are able to slow aging, totally stopping it is not something that we know of them being capable of doing.
  • "Ghouls are caused by rads or FEV": A much more gray area misconception than the others, it was once disagreed by devs about how ghouls came to be. In the Bethesda-era of Fallout however, ghouls are solely the result of rads.
  • "The Enclave are dead": With the release of Fallout: Wasteland Warfare's RPG component, it was revealed that the Enclave are still alive in the Commonwealth and Capital Wasteland, in hiding and using stealth tactics to conserve what was left of their power. Dying, but not dead.
  • "Courier Six is an amnesiac": A misconception regarding Fallout: New Vegas's player character is that they lost some of their memories as a result of the brain damage they suffer at the beginning of the game, explaining why they know little about the West Coast and need to be reminded of their actions in the Divide by Ulysses. In reality however, developers Joshua Sawyer and Chris Avellone came out and debunked this idea, stating the only reasons they made the PC feel oblivious was to help players learn about the West Coast and that the Courier's last job in the Divide was so mundane and boring they had no reason to recall it when Ulysses told them it was what caused the Divide's destruction.
  • "The Brotherhood slaughtered Rivet City for its reactor": I'll admit that I honestly thought that no one believed this anymore until a few minutes before writing this, so here goes. The BoS did not slaughter Rivet City for its reactor to power the Prydwen. The supposed "evidence" for this is that the Prydwen's reactor comes from a random aircraft carrier the BoS salvaged, which is coincidentally the type of ship Rivet City is built from. This was officially debunked in Wasteland Warfare's RPG component, which states that by the events of Fallout 4 Rivet City is still around and currently the safest settlement in the Capital.
  • "The Railroad force synths to erase their memories": Misconception that's incorrect on two parts. The first is that the memory wipe isn't forced, it's an option freed synths are given. Some take it, some don't. Secondly, nothing is actually erased in the memory wipe. Old memories are buried under new false ones, which can later be unlocked upon hearing their recall code or even just randomly remembering details like people they knew from before.
  • "The Enclave are remnants of the US military": A fair misconception, but the Enclave are not actually remnants of the US military. They were a pre-war shadow government that controlled the United States. After surviving the Great War, the Enclave became some of the only members of the federal government left. So while the Enclave controlled the US military and some members of the US military were a part of it, the Enclave itself is not a remnants group of it.
  • "Bethesda put paid mods in Fallout 4": I'll just let Bethesda handle that misconception, since they officially addressed it a few times themselves: https://creationclub.bethesda.net/.
  • "Prejudice against mutants in Fallout isn't racism": Fallout's world follows the definition of race that was popularized by fantasy writer John R.R. Tolkien, in which humanity and species similar to humans are considered "races". Some popular series this is used in are Tolkien's own Lord of the Rings, Mass Effect, and Dungeons and Dragons. Mutants in Fallout have consistently been referred to as "races" under the Tolkien definition of the term by both developers and in-universe characters since the original Fallout was released in 1997.
  • "Fallout 76 had no NPCs at launch": Though Fallout 76 was originally advertised as having no NPCs (non-player characters) at launch, this quickly turned out to not be true. Fallout 76 released with various NPCs, mainly friendly robots and hostile mutants. However, no human NPCs were found in-game (except within the normally un-visitable dev room) until the release of the Wastelanders add-on.