Hello everyone Edit

My Wikia name is Salty Demon but my name IRL is Adrian. I am a fan of Metal and Heavy Metal music. I live with 13 Dogs and 40 Horses so with those critters and the fact we're trying to move dosent allow me to spent that much time on F3. I play on a 360 and have all the DLC's besides MZ because of my lack of X Box Live,Also if you want you guys can contact me on my aol is

What i'll do to contribute to The Vault Edit

It might not seem much but i do enjoy the forums and talk pages. ill help report bugs and glitches too.

What i do in my spare F3 time Edit

Well i just like to go into megaton with the MIRV and wreak havoc uppon megaton or make it rain....fireballs...from the Heavy incinerator  or just go into Rivet City with the Double barrel and see what happens next...I do play a Very Good character because being evil makes me sad....

Well thats all i really have to say hopefully ill get to know all of you sooner or later.
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