I take to dreams her fertile bed

Her soft repose

Her sent

Her sweat that motions heated rose

Together we as two undone from sense of self claim joy united

No more she nore selfish me just we entwined as breeze on blossom

flower & stem basking in star fires blessing

spliced as one passion grows

→ Saint Pain

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The single biggest problem in communication is the illusion that it has taken place.''

→George Bernard Shaw

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Independent New Vegas NOW !

I don't play Caravan myself but Major Tom, why he loves all kinds of games → SaintPain
What? Don't tell me yer scared of a wittle monkey ! → SaintPain



Points of Great interest

Proposed companion: Space Monkey Major Tom

Gametitle-FNV.pngGametitle-FNV DM.png
Gametitle-FNV.pngGametitle-FNV DM.png
Perk wild wasteland.pngThe following is based on the Wild Wasteland trait and has not been confirmed by canon sources.
If I'm read'n this pimp boy right, in Monkey speak that means " I'm a lover not a fighter."— SaintPain

Major Tom is a trained space monkey and possible "Fallout Next Generation" companion living at the Commonwealth's Aerospace Institute "sometime after the year 2282".

While trained as a Astro Simian, space monkey pilot, Major Tom really specializes in stealth & distraction.


Born (Sometime before 2282), Major Tom is the Commonwealth's Top Gun Space Monkey Pilot. A ranking officaly noted due to his unusually high test score evaluations administered by Commonwealth researchers specialy assigned to his training. While some competing research teams recognised Major Tom's remarkably high agility, many were known to quietly grumble that such results could be dismissed as luck or bias on the part of Major Tom's resarch cell of technicians. These rumors were actually even more quickly dismissed as team rivalries.

Major Tom found he liked his fellow "Monkey Folk" almost as much as he enjoyed messing with the ,"Human Folk". Major Tom had learned to find ways to get attention or most any thing else his monkey heart desired, if not by charm, then by distraction and a quick, stealthy, monkey paw.

Note: All Commonwealth archived video data relating to the Space Monkey designated "Major Tom" confirms a high level of interactions with all Commonwealth handlers. As well as subject animals corresponding with the Space Monkey program. All findings listed as favorable. Case # 1968 : Proposed investigation of the subject, Space monkey Major Tom, as relavent to missing Commonwealth stocks of fresh vegitables, alcohol and chems are to be considered closed as an uncofirmed oditity, pending evidence beyond suspicion. PER order of Professor Robert Bowie, Astro Simian project Commander and Chief.

The Commonwealth never seemed abussive to Major Tom, The "Human Folk" honestly seemed to care for his well being, even when they used the " Sharp, pointy " to draw his blood for testing. Only the Proffesor, Dr. Bowie ever seemed cold or unfeeling in Major Tom's presence, even when they played the " Flying game" togeather.

Time and again daily research reports relating to Major Tom's performance would be filed as :insubmissable to Commonwealth canon. These reports would be reviewed, notarized by numbered copies, printed to hard copy, marked, reviewed, signed again, uploaded for final spell check and command authorization before being returned to sender with bold red ink instructing the researchers.

Don't report space monkey's status as "Charming" → Project Lead
Be professional in these reports people → Project Admin.
Do NOT report "It was just soo cute!" → Union Rep
We are The Commonwealth Dagnabbit ! → Project Union Admin
We all know Major Tom's a MONKEY? →Proffesor Robert Bowie

Major Tom liked the "Flying games" that the "Human Folk" let him play on the "Shiny screen" and later in the "Glowing chair". Major Tom was good at games, even better than his father Lieutenant Albert and as a matter of fact the first Monkey, "Flying Folk" to ever play the "Flying games". This made Major Tom happy.Yet still, Major Tom was easily bored and dreamed of adventure beyond the Commonwealth.

  • Major Tom felt the call of the wild.

Interactions with the player character

Interactions overview

Perk nociception regulator color.png
This character is essential. Essential characters cannot be killed.
FO76 ui casual team.png
This character is a temporary companion.
Paving the Way.png
This character is a permanent companion. They grant the
Monkey Mojo
Shared Animal
Monkey Dance Distraction
Wild thing
This character is a doctor.
This character can repair items. Repair cap: no
25 Strictly Business.png
This character starts quests.

Can ya hear me Major Tom
Monkey Messiah
Wild Thing part I

Wild Thing part II
Drunken Monkey Blues
Major Tom's a Junkie

10 Rescue from Paradise.png
This character is involved in quests.

Ashes to Ashes


  • Ashes to ashes
  • Can ya hear me Major Tom
  • Monkey Messiah
  • Wild thing parts I and II
  • Drunken Monkey Blues
  • Major Tom's a junkie


*Ending 1. If the player destroyed the Aerospace Institute without recruiting Major Tom. Major Tom would die a fiery death without ever tasting freedom.

*Ending 2. If the player decided to aid the Commonwealth or just allows the launch to go off for any reason. Major Tom would discover too late that his rocket ride was no "Flying Game", but rather than crash into the Commonwealth's choosen target, Major Tom would pull up hard on the controls to the best of his monkey might. His rocket would shake, rattel and roll as it defies Earth's bonds of gravity and atmospheric friction to be blasted free into the depths of unknown space and an ever more uncertain fate among the stars.

*Ending 3. If Major is recruited by the player but failed to save his fellow "Monkey Folk". Major Tom would leave the player with a broken heart and a lasting distrust of most all "Human Folk". Current whereabouts unkown.

*Ending 4. If Major Tom never finds the answears to end his addiction streak he would eventually leave the player. Some years later, a couple of wasteland settlers would claim an abandoned house and there they would look down upon a decicated carcus and exclaim " Eww what's that, some kind of mutant weasel ?".. Major Tom's bones would be swept out with the rubbage of empty jet inhalers & broken liquor bottles.

*Ending 5. If Major Tom learns from the player to survive and thrive with out being a slave to his addictions, Major Tom would be a lifelong friend and some time traveling compainion to the player.

Eventually Major Tom would track down a few liberated female monkeys and in time find an abandoned G.E.C.K. project vault. There, after many struggles Major Tom would create and secure a capsulated Monkey paradise.


Apparel Weapon Other items On death
Space monkey suit none ever collected caravan decks/cards DeadMonkey paw
  • Major Tom's only armor is his default Space monkey suit and it can only be taken from his dead body.
  • Note: If addicted Major Tom will regularly steal from the player to feed his addiction until he is cured.
  • If addicted to chems, Major Tom may carry random chems.
  • If addicted to alcohol, Major Tom may carry random alcohol.


  • Major Tom will refuse to carry any weapon or armor other than his default space monkey suit.
  • Major Tom will never engage in any form of combat.
  • Major Tom's Intelligence is listed as a 6 in human terms but for a monkey, there is no doubt his cunning would tip that scale to a devious and mischievous genius.
  • Major Tom dose not actually speak any human language but pictograph symbols and word buttons on his monkey pipboy, when linked to some computer operating systems and other pip boys, can roughly translate "Monkey Speak" as it's called, into vocal clips and phrases for basic communication. Of course being raised by "Human Folk" Major Tom dose understand the meaning of a great many words, a basic sign / body language and common gestures.
  • Major Tom knows better than to try his Monkey Dance Distraction on irrationaly hostile creatures and he will not be shy about telling the player what he thinks of the idea.


  • Not married to The Commonwealth, Major Tom's story could work with any technologically capable humanoid faction.
  • Major Tom could appear in any Fallout next generation game or DLC.
  • Major Tom appears in Saint Pain's imagination.


  • PCIcon pc.png Major Tom dose not like bugs ;)~

Behind the scenes

  • Major Tom as a Compainion was written by SaintPain
  • David Bowie wrote A Space Oddity after watching the 1968 Stanley Kubrick movie 2001 A Space Odyssey. The Song tells a story of the Astronought, Major Tom, who gets lost in space. The song features the line "Can you hear me Major Tom?"
  • David Bowie later wrote "Ashes to Ashes" as a sequel to Space Oddity. Ashes to Ashes tells how the character Major Tom, now called, Action Man, regains communication with Ground Control and tells them 'I'm happy, hope your happy to". This leads to the featured line "We all know Major Tom's a junkie."
  • In the US space program, the first ever monkey astronaut was a Rhesus Monkey named Albert. On June 11, 1948 Albert flew to a hight of over 39 miles on a V2 rocket. Sadly, Albert died of suffocation during the flight.


Major Tom's, Monkey Speak, Quotes

  • After the player tries to bury Major Tom with Armor and Weapons he could never carry.

"Last week, King Kong, Now, Here, Just me..→Major Tom

  • When the player is sneaking.

"This game, we like, Yes !''→ Major Tom Or "Sneaky, sneaky''→ Major Tom

  • When a sudden battel erupts and just as Major Tom scurries for cover.

"Look, a shadow !'' → Major Tom Or "Wrong turn!!''→ Major Tom

  • After a battle.

"Lover, Yes, Fighter, No.''→ Major Tom. Or "Messy, messy, messy. ''→ Major Tom.

  • If the player askes Major Tom to distract irrationaly hostile creatures

"Dance for angry GLOWING DEAD Folk ? ~ This, Your turn. ''→ Major Tom.

"You, Crazy Folk, Know that ?" ''→ Major Tom.

A silent gesture with 1 monkey finger raised in the players direction. → Major Tom.

  • If Major Tom decides to leave the player forever.

"I go this way. You, you just go,.. Folk" → Major Tom.

Quest ideas yet to be put in final format

"Ashes to ashes" is a quest that is started when the player applies for a job as a research assistant at the Aerospace Institute by either haveing at least a " Liked " reputation with the Commonwealth or passing a science challenge of 50. The player is then introduced to Major Tom. Major Tom is an Astro Simian, proposed by the Commonwealth to be a valued asset in their peaceful space research prepairing to mine rare menerals from the asteroid belt between Mars and Jupiter. When the player learns the Commonwealth's space project is actually a plot to use monkies as suicide pilots guiding Intercontinental Single-Stage Sub-Orbital nuclear rockets against targets any where in the world. The player then has the choice to aid the Commonwealth to send Major Tom to his doom in exchange for possitive Commonwealth reputation or he can link his Pip boy with Major Tom's, thus allowing a basic communication and begining the quest " Can ya hear me Major Tom " If the player chooses to show Major Tom the danger he is in Major Tom can then be recruted with an intelligence challenge of 6 or a Charisma challenge of 6 or If the player already has the Animal Friendship perk. Togeather the player and Major Tom must then navigate the heavily guarded Commonwealth Aerospace Institute. Note: Major Tom will not engage in any combat nore will he carry any weapons or armor other than his monkey space suit. However with Major Tom as a compainion the player gains "Monkey Mojo" + 25 to sneak and if Major Tom uses his "Monkey Dance Distraction" The player gains an addional sneak bonus for a total of + 50 while Pick pockets gains + 20, Lock pick gains + 10 and science for hacking terminal gains a +5 for up to 5 minutes as Major Tom dances or untill the player moves to far out of that area or through a door into another zone. Since Major Tom also confers his " Animal Freindship perk" to the player,the many research animals and guard dogs will remain calm and not raise any alarm to the players presence. Through out the Aerospace Institute many computers will need to be hacked some set up a chain reaction to trigger an unstopable self distruct sequence, other terminals relay information about the Commonwealth rockets and research that is being done on the test animals and space monkey pilots. Once enough information has been gathered, Major Tom will use his monkey pipboy to relate the idea that he would like to rescue his father ( Space Monkey Pilot, Lieutenant Albert ) and the other research monkeys that would be killed when the Institues rockets are set to explode. If the player agrees this will start the quest " Monkey Messiah " Note: This can only be accomplished if done before the final terminal is set to trigger the self distruct or the player would surely be caught in the distruction. This quest requires the Player and Major Tom to make their way down 8 more levels, disarming alarms and unlocking exit doors as they head to the animal holding pins to release 12 monkeys from each of the 55 main research holding areas befor making a final assault on the Space Monkey Pilots dorm where 6 more monkeys including Major Tom's father are being held by the Institutes chief administator, The professor, Dr. Robert Bowie and his primary resarch staff who will of course by now be most hostile to the player. Once all 666 monkeys have been released the player and Major Tom must now make their way back through the chaos to find the final self distruct terminal and then escape the Institute. This ends booth the " Ashes to ashes " quest and the " Monkey Messiah " quest, rewarding the player with experience points, good Karma and some negative reputation with the Commonwealth.

Major Tom being over enthused by the Monkey liberation, lusts to see more of this brave new world. This new freedom triggers the compainon quest "Wild thing part I" Yet again Major Tom taps out the pictograph / word button, keys on his monkey pip boy to translate the idea that Major Tom wants the player to show him more of the world. Note: if the player refuses or terminates Major Tom's companion status befor interacting with a variety of "Human Folks" from at least 2 minor settlements and one large, "relatively friendly", town or city with in 3 days, Major Tom will grow bored and leave the player, never again to be recruited by the player, however if the player is active and shows Major Tom wild wonders of the wasts,., The quest "Wild Thing part II" will begin, Major Tom will insist that he be allowed to explore a bit on his own. If the player accepts Major Tom will head off on his own to make himself at home amoung the "Nice, Human Folk" in the largest friendy town or city the player had visited with Major Tom. If the player remains faithful and dose not take another compainion for 3 more game days, Major Tom will call out on his monkey pip boy to the players pimp boy inviting the player to rejoin him, if the player finds Major with in yet another 3 game days and again recruits Major Tom, they will be joyfully reunited, ending the full quest "Wild Thing parts 1 and 2" *This quest gives no reward to the player but Major Tom will gain +50 points of health and his damage threshold will boost to 25. Also, if the player later dissmisses Major Tom, Major Tom will return to this new home where he can again be recruited as a companion.

  • Soon to come Quests : "Drunken Monkey Blues" and "Major Tom's a junkie"

Major Tom's Fictional Companion Perks

Fallout: New Vegas is not the first Fallout game to introduce the concept of companions having perks, but is the first to have perks that affect the party as a whole.

Name Follower req Benefit Code
Monkey Mojo Major Tom While Major Tom is the compainion the Player gains +25 points to sneak. 007sneak
Monkey Dance Distraction Major Tom For 5 miutes or untill out of range, the player gains an addional +25 sneak, +20 Pick pocket, +10 Pick Lock, +5 science for hacking terminals 007dance
Wild Thing Major Tom Major Tom gains +50 Health and his Damage Threshold becomes 25 007boost
Shared Animal Friendship Major Tom With Major Tom as a compainion, the player shares Major Tom's Animal Friendship perk 007animal

Cup.jpgSaintPainThat was broke a'fore I got here Dead

A long daze into night, AKA, A Painful moment.

Saint Pain sat alone at the bar, his companions dismissed, a glass half empty in his left hand and a bottle half full in his right. It was a sparkly moment as the late, late afternoon summer sun light made it's way around the town square's clock tower, through the lazy smog and hot passing dust devils to sneak through the grit on the windows and broken shutters slits, there to be reflected back like some old, refocused magic in a tight thin prismatic beam from the shattered bar mirrors, onto the face of an old world coin on the counter that held Saint Pain transfixed in a moment between light and darkness.

Saint Pain knew this was the moment an old friend was about to enter the bar, he also knew, in a few heart beats more, one of them would be dead and justly sent to hell.

Written by

SaintPain Tiny.jpgSaintPainThat was broke afore I got here.

A bit from the damaged part of the Dead Sea Scrolls

You know how it is when there is a bunch of dudes & just one chick.. The other Apostles understood and just, you know, kept my name out of the whole deal but between me & you it should not surprise folks I mean come on Mary Magdalene was not exactly a virgin when I showed up..

Let's just say some bad blood was split even before somebody got crucified for y'alls sins.. I had nothing'ta do with all that.. I had already cut out.. Sure I seen Judas Iscariot kiss the dude.I thought "FREAKY" ya know but hay, who am I ta judge? But when I seen the Centurion guard, BROTHER I bounced straight out'a there.. I felt bad but ya know what I'm say'n.. I already had priors & all that.. What I got'a die fo'yer sins too?..

Naah that was his deal.

The Apocrypha of Saint Pain Book 3 → SaintPain

SaintPain Tiny.jpgSaintPainHere to help." 05:35, September 28, 2013 (UTC)

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Gaming philosophy

A leader who publicly discounts his adversaries combat skill devalues his own ultimate victory over them.

The Apocrypha of Saint Pain Book 1 → SaintPain

Some of my best enemies are dearest friends I hate to agree with but it happens because I keep an open mind about how wrong you can be.. Join me in this special Sate O'mind.

The Apocrypha of Saint Pain Book 3 → SaintPain

Live well, do good things & leave a legacy of worthy truth. That is the best I can wish you.

All users and anons with limited extra rights or even special powers should be held to the same standard if not higher than the general community. Leadership is not a gifted right but most justly a responsibility.
When gaming, it is important to me to find every secret, experience every random encounter and discover every location. If it can be found, I lust to find it. . → Saint Pain
Better to look good, than be good. → Apocrypha of Saint Pain
Speak ill of the dead & they might jump up to beak off a peace of yer ass→ Apocrypha of Saint Pain
I'm a blonde, I notice these things. → Apocrypha of Saint Pain
I STILL WANT A SPACE MONKEY !! → So say we all!
INDEPENDENCE for New Vegas ~ NOW !!!
Bears can feed here to ~ Just not at the expense of others.

align=right align=right align=right align=right align=right align=left align=left http://img.photobucket.com/albums/v169/666me2/CaspersArt/MonkeyNation-2.jpg http://img.photobucket.com/albums/v169/666me2/FO/Wash.jpg




Johnny Cash - The Man Comes Around


Soggy Bottom Boys - I'm A Man Of Constant Sorrow


Dick Dale ~ Riders in the sky


The Animals - The House of the Rising Sun [Lyrics] HD


David Bowie - Space Oddity (stereo version)


J Frank Wilson and the Cavaliers - Last Kiss

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