aka Raul Tejada

  • I live in Adirondack Wastes
  • I was born on December 24
  • My occupation is Student
  • I am Male
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Other Zombie,
Other Zombie,
== Buisness Parters ==
(Also known as a friends list.)

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Those who forget history are damned to repeat it.— George Santayana
Raul: thanks for the infinite wisdom, old men in dresses

WastedWarrior: it's called a Utilikilt, i will have you know.

it's got all these pockets, and cargo pockets, and recesses for knives and pens and flashlights and stuff. hardcore.

Just your friendly neighborhood ghoul here! I am also a collector of junk.

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Junk throne

My majestic Junk Throne.

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