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The RadioactionGirls are Princess Drina and Derpy , a couple of casual Fallout players who are here to assist other players by contributing to Nukapedia. Drina Plays and Derpy edits Nukapedia accordingly.


With your eyes open see as much of the world around you. With your eyes shut see as much of the world within you.

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Princess Drina grew up in the 90's spending most of her free time doing things that didn't involve technology. She demonstrated exceptional intelligence and talent from an early age but never applied herself.


Drina is rather introverted and "shy" upon first meeting her. Her lack of charisma makes for a generally awkward encounter. She is very difficult to get to know and requires patience to learn who she really is.
She is generally friendly but has a very unique sense of humor complete with above average levels of sarcasm.


Princess Drina's experience with the Fallout series begins with Fallout 3 and could very well end with Fallout 4 because she grows tired of Bethesda's shit.

Fallout 3
Fallout: New Vegas
Fallout 4
  • Another settlement needs your help.
  • Another settlement needs your help!
  • Another settlement needs Preston Garvey locked in a Pillory.


  • Drina collects bottle caps in real life, probably from playing too much Fallout.
  • Drina is known to be a hoarder of weapons, caps, and ammunition.
  • Drina Has a talent for getting stuck in terrain holes and encountering every known bug..
She should be hired as a tester because of this amazing ability.


 Too much stuff.  
I need more coffee!

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Synth Brahmin

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