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Xedit prefixes and what they meanEdit

This is a table to show what various 'notable' prefixes on the xedit program are and how they should be treated as such when editing. Currently for Fallout 76, not for previous games


Signature Name of field Description Potential uses
ACTI Activator Designated objects the player can interact with, or triggers for quests/challenges/events Quest pages
Backup IDs for certain CAMP objects
Challenge pages
ALCH Ingestible Contains entries for consumable objects such as food, drink, chems etc Consumables and their respective pages
AMMO Ammunition Contains entries for ammunition used in the game Ammunition and their respective pages
ANIO Animated Object Animations of certain actions done by the player
ARMA Armor Addon Contains a form of entries for armor of NPCs and players, not too sure Maybe something?
ARMO Armor Contains entries for armor and clothing used in the game Armor and clothing and their respective pages
ASPC Acoustic Space Contains references to sound files for ambient noise Location pages if necessary
AVIF Actor Value Information Contains references to the different factors of an NPC or "actor" (eg limb condition, caps balance, resource deposits, nuke code "pages"?) Not terribly useful but can be used to understand specific NPCs and other actors
AVTR Avatar Contains entries to the different player avatars in the game Player avatar pages
BOOK Book Contains entries for notes, plans and recipes found in the game Notes, plans and recipe pages
BPTD Body Part Data Contains references for body parts of various characters
CELL Cell Data of various cells in the game Maybe the specific location pages?
CHAL Challenges Contains entries of various challenges in the game Challenges page
Related quest pages
CLAS Class Contains references to the stats of a particular character class
CLFM Color Contains entries of different types of color for character creation Character creation pages
CMPO Component Contains entries for the different components in the game Components and junk pages
CNCY Currency Contains entries for the different currencies in the game Currency pages
CNDF Condition Form Contains criteria for some challenges Challenge and quest pages
COBJ Construction Object Contains entries for every craftable object in the game (including some camp items) and their recipes Literally any craftable item page
COEN Consumable Entitlement Contains entries for consumable microtransaction objects (eg Repair kits) Consumable microtransaction object pages
CONT Container Contains entries for lootable containers in the game Container pages
CSEN Crate Service Entitlement Contains entries for microtransaction crates Crate-like microtransaction pages
CURV Curve Table Contains references and entries to stats of certain game aspects (item levels, durability, components) Not too sure what specifically but definitely for specific pages
DMGT Damage Type Contains references for the different damage types
DOOR Door Contains references and entries for various door objects in the game Maybe pages involving doors
ECAT Emote Category Categories of the emotes in the game Emote pages
EMOT Emote Contains entries of emotes in the game Emote pages
ENCH Object Effect Contains references and entries of various effects of various objects (ie damage, some legendary effects) Probably armor and weapon pages if necessary
ENTM Entitlement Contains entries for all items in the microtransaction shop Microtransaction shop pages
EQUP Equip Type Contains references for various ways an object is equipped
FACT Faction Contains entries for various in-game factions Faction pages
FLOR Flora Contains entries for various resources in the game (eg gold deposits, blackberries) Plant pages
Resource pages
FLST Form ID List Contains entries for a lot of various objects such as events, challenges and the like Challenge pages
Quest pages
FURN Furniture Contain entries for various furniture in the game Furniture pages
GLOB Global Contains references and entries to minimum levels, various game aspects such as timescales and challenges Item pages
Gameplay aspect pages
Challenge pages
HDPT Head Part Contains entries to various hairstyles and hair colours in the game Character creation pages
IDLE Idle Animation Contains entries and references to idle animations Could be used as trivia
IMAD Image Space Adapter Contains entries for photomode settings Photomode page
IMGS Image Space Contains entries for photomode related objects Photomode page
INNR Instance Naming Rules Contains references and entries for prefix naming of objects Different item pages
KEYM Key Contains entris to the various keys in the game Key pages
KYWD Keyword Contains references for various keywords of other entries Analysis of other entries
LCTN Location Contains entries for various locations in the game Location pages
LENS Lens Flare Contains references for lens flares Airhorn noises
LSCR Load Screen Contains entries of each loading screen Loading screen pages
LVLI Leveled Item Contains entries of various levelled list items in the game, such as quest rewards Various item pages
LVLN Leveled NPC Contains entries of various levelled NPCs in the game Potentially useful for NPC pages
MESG Message Contains entries of various notification that pop up on a player's screen (eg they're suffering from starvation) Any page this is notable on
MGEF Magic Effect Contains entries for various status effects in the game and weapon attributes (eg addiction) Status effect pages
MISC Misc. Item Contains entries for every lootable item in the game Every item page
MSTT Moveable Static Contains references to moveable objects in the worldspace World object pages
NOTE Note Contains entries for all holotapes in the game Holotape pages
NPC_ Non-Player Character (Actor) Contains entries for all NPCs in the game Character pages
OMOD Object Modification Contains entries for all modifications for all items Mod pages
Armor and weapon pages
OTFT Outfit Contains entries for unlootable outfits on corpses Outfit pages
Character pages
PACH Power Armor Chassis Contains entries for various types of spawnable power armor chassis Power armor pages
PCRD Perk Card Contains entries for each perk card in the game Perk pages
PERK Perk Contains entries for each perk and consumable effect in the game Perk pages
Consumable pages
PMFT Photo Mode Feature Contains entries for all photomode frames Photomode page
PPAK Perk Card Pack Contains entries for perk card packs Perk page
PROJ Projectile Contains entries for projectiles
QUST Quest Contains entries for quests and their dialogue Quest pages
RACE Race Contains entries for character races
RESO Resource Contains entries for various resources in the map (ie junk deposits, gold deposits, workshop ammo and food generators) CAMP object pages
Workshop pages
Resource pages
SPEL Spell Status effects Status effect pages
Consumable pages
TACT Talking Activator Contains entries for voice-over NPCs (aka Announcers) Quest pages
NPC pages
TERM Terminal Contains entries for all terminals in the game Terminal entry pages
TRNS Transform Looks like it references Workshop objects? Potential Workshop object pages
WEAP Weapon Contains entries for all weapons equipped by characters in the game (including the player) Weapon pages
NPC pages
WRLD Worldspace Static objects found in the world Static object pages

Common PrefixesEdit

Prefix Description
Atomic shop objects, 'entitlements', microtransaction-related.
Cut content
Wild Appalachia content
Babylon Nuclear Winter content


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