aka Jordan Richford

  • I live in The Prydwen
  • I was born on October 16
  • Bio Hi! I'm just a part of a critically endangered species of people who loves both video games, movies and books...

    Here are just a few stuff I'm a huge fan of:

    - Fallout Series
    - The Hunger Games Series
    - Assassin's Creed Series
    - Harry Potter Series
    - Star Wars Series
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Welcome to my HUB, Paladins!Edit

Here, something to keep you entertained while I make this place beefier for you, guys!

So who am I?Edit

I am a doge. Raised by a deathclaw named Linda. She became my mother for 150 years. We were in a lab experiment that failed, Linda was still a chameleon back then... Originally, the lab experiment is about making an experimental Abraxo Cleaner from animals. We escaped and hid in a sewer until the bombs dropped. Linda found a book about mixed martial arts. She thought me the way of the chameleon. One day, she got killed by a unicorn... I was so angered by this and promised my self that I'm going to be a hero! So I joined the BoS...

What is my purpose here?Edit

My purpose here is to serve my purpose. What is my purpose you ask? My purpose is to serve my purpose for this Wiki...

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