<tabber> Overseer's Logs= Hey there! I'm Overseer X, your friendly neighborhood moderator! I have experiences on both discussions and on chat, and I am also a moderator on both aspects of the wiki. If you need any help feel free to drop a message on my talk page or contact me on discord, Overseer X#1081.

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|-| About me = Well, if you're too bored and you wanna know more about me, why not? I'm an author of teens' science-fiction and fantasy books based in Singapore, and still pursuing my studies locally. You might be surprised but i'm not really interested in a job involving the study of literature but I enjoy watching movies and by this time, i should have watched over a few hundred movies dating back to the 1970s. I aspire to one day join the entertainment industry and become an Actor, or if i can't, maybe a scriptwriter.

More tidbits about me, I became a discussions moderator somewhere in June 2018 (I believe) after a failed attempt during Christmas 2017. I then continued on as a fandom community councilor near the same time i was elected as a chat mod somewhere Christmas 2018, and have enjoyed my roles as such ever since. You could call me the self-proclaimed Sherlock Holmes of the wiki too.

Not bored yet? Uh, ok. More fun facts, I was previously known as QuantamFreeze (yes i know i spelt it wrongly). If you were wondering how i got that name, basically when i first joined i saw this guy named IceColdQuantum and i was like "i like quantum too" and then ta-da! But then he found me and... but anyways, the name was wrong so i ended up as Overseer X. I had some great times in the past with the How Gunz Corp, and I was also blocked once for triple-posting (its bad ikr), but that doesn't really bother me anymore (If you're new go read the guidelines).

Other projects i have spearheaded include a gaming community, an investigations team, some other discord servers, and i'm always keen on starting something new, so if you're a bright spark or if you have a brilliant idea, tell me. We can work together, maybe.

|-| Editing Required = The following is for my references but if you decide to make yourself useful, feel free to make some edits in these categories.

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