OYBT[edit | edit source]

I would say greetings, but I simply can't be bothered. Instead, I will type up a few of my inventions that I did NOT get off any TV shows.

The Art of Fish Tying[edit | edit source]

The Art of Fish Tying was invented by Sir Dave Davington, and involves tying large bundles of fish together, usualy with a large eel. The eel is usualy alive at this point, if it has not eaten itself to protect whatever sanity it may have left from the dangers of the known universe. By the time you have read this, 13 seconds will have past since you started reading this segment. You boring person.

Vandalism[edit | edit source]

After making the bomb doing boom boom, meet Burke at Tenpenny Tower, which is southwest of Megaton near RobCo. There you can observe the explosion from a safe distance together with Burke and Tenpenny.— -Ovog
The evil part of this quest was cut from the Japanese version of the game most likely because of the atom bomb in Hiroshima during WWII.— Anon, Captain Obvious
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