aka "Markjake"

  • I was born on December 22
  • I am Male, Asexual, And Feminine. Also extremely Empathetic.
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Who The Frack is Mjax Majoran!?Edit

My Name (As far as you know) is Mjax Majoran, I am a Gamer, and a Bit of a geek (no duh); I dwell on the Internet pretty much everywhere, and I have accumulated a not so impressive fan base of people that sorta kinda like my stuff. I primarily play console games since I grew up with such gems as the SNES Sega Genesis and my first ever console: The Nintendo Gamecube, But nowadays I prefer The Xbox 360 and PC for gaming, mostly the former given I don't have the money to be flaunting a huge gamer PC! I like to make new friends and debate and discuss my various interests, My interests vary from MLP to Doctor Who, Sherlock and even the occasional Anime! I am a Writer by Hobby, and an Artist by Hopeful Eventual Profession.

People Have Called Me the Strongest (in spirit) person they have ever known, but who knows if they're right or not. I am Dedicated to helping and giving myself and my abilities to others before myself and that could be a flaw or an asset depending on the situation.

My favorite game is Fallout: New Vegas, I have played through to completion 15 times through, Once on Hardcore as a Rite of Passage into Fallout 4.

I am Currently Playing Fallout 4; Level 50+

To Do ListEdit
  • Finish School
  • Draw Some Pretty Pictures
  • Work on the Wiki
  • Update Social Media
  • Finish all those half finished Novels I've been writing
  • Achieve World Peace
  • Obtain Gratuitous amounts of Money
  • Buy Fallout 4 For XBone.
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