Hi everyone, I'm a new user, but have been using this site as a resource for many years! I was completely obsessed with the early Fallout games, and still consider them to be important milestones of CRPGs, and great examples of story telling through games. The Fallout lore is something truly special, and it quickly became one of my favorite IPs and my love for it hasnt diminished in the slightest over the years.

The newer Fallout games hold their own place in my heart, as well... while not quite as obsessed with them as I had been with the 2d fallout games, I have learned to love them for what they are. I love modding these games (and others like them or sharing their engine) quite a lot, both as an end-user, and have worked on some small mods, fixes, etc., but its not something I am especially talented with (yet).

I also simply love research, copy writing, editing; as well as even nerdier things like bug-testing and co-operative, open design... So, understandably, the concept of open wiki websites really appeal to me. While I tend to keep quiet unless I have something of real value to say, you can be sure I will be (at least lurking) around quite a bit.

Don't be shy, feel free to say hi! :)

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