Fallout Weapon

Love Minigun Vindicator Fo2 Vindicator Minigun , Wattz 2000 laser rifle (Ext.Cap.) Fo2 Laser Rifle (Ext. Cap.) , Deathclaw Gauntlet File:Deathclaw Gauntlet.png, City-Killer Combat Shotgun Fo1 Combat Shotgun and M72 Gauss Rifle Fo2 M72 Gauss Rifle

Fallout Armor

I'm in admiration for Advanced Power Armor MKII of Fallout 2 FO2 Intro APA PARMOR2

Otherwise like Tesla Power Armor FO3 Tesla Power Armor , Leather Jacket MAXINV, Power Armor T51B PWRARMOR, Environmental Armor Mark II File:Environmental armour (f,s,b) 3d model.jpg and Brahmin Armor BrahminArmor

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