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Hey, I've dealt with Fallout fans for years and they're the worst! They are the most into-it fan-group. I was talking to the guys at Bethesda and others in the industry and trying to figure out who is the worst fan-group, and it's Fallout fans. They're horrible. But they care. It's a double-edged sword. I love them and hate them at the same time. I love that that they care so much, but the way they express their love...Feargus Urquhart
I think it's actually a broad fanbase in terms of attitude and preferences. There's never really been a unifying list of things that pulled us all together. Obviously we all like the series, but people vary a lot on what (if anything) they would like to see changed in other Fallout games.J.E. Sawyer
The whole Fallout fan movement is way bigger than I ever thought it would be. There are some really dedicated fans out there.Chris Taylor
They're passionate. And impossible to please. ;)Chris Avellone

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