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When I die, sometimes I choose to delete my characters. This is only when I get bored with them, or prefer another character to play with.'



Wally was a specialist in melee combat. He used firearms often, but with less proficiency. Although his life was private and much of it was spent alone, it is certain that he helped liberate the location known as "The Pitt", as well as aiding the Outcast Brotherhood of Steel in the completion and requisition of preserved military technology. He served in the ranks of the Capital Wasteland Brotherhood of Steel, and continued to do so until the eventual defeat of the East Coast Enclave in 2278. Early in 2279, his body was located deep within the ruins of the Washington D.C. It is unknown why he died, but medical experts in Rivet City and Megaton believe that Wally died from severe radiation poisoning. If that is true, it is ironic that Wally, with equal medical knowledge that his late father possessed, succumbed to an ailment that can be easily treated.



Wendell is a specialist with Energy Weapons. He has a somewhat darker demeanor, and is agile and stealthy. Growing up alone in the hostile wastes, he knew only the basics of life - eat, sleep, and shit. Survival was fairly easy, if not demanding. Wendell grew up fast, moving from location to location when supplies dried up, and eventually settled in the Capital Wasteland. At this point in time, Wendell visited the first sign of civilization he had ever seen: a town named Megaton. After meeting the people and making friends for the first time in his life, he proceeded to disarm the bomb. He took up residence in a townhouse there, and immediately got his mane of hair cut, and his beard shaved off. For a person who had never shaved, it would take a long time to regrow. Which it did. Wendell moved on to the Pitt, which he had learned to be the remains of Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania. Seeking knowledge from what was once a University, he was disappointed to discover the amount of horror and wrongdoings found there.

(Story still in progress, Wendell hasn't died yet).

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