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  • I am male

So far I've played all the main Fallout games but have only completed Fallout 3. Why haven't I
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beat New Vegas? I can think of 30 different reasons and 10 that are coming. Because of Fallout, the RPG has become my favorite genera to video games. Also Fallout is the only American video game series that fits into my top five, the rest are Japanese. They include, Armored Core, Final Fantasy, Resident Evil and Ace Combat. Fallout fits probably 2 or 3.

I like knowing about video games and absorbing the knowledge to help with the creation of my own RPG, Generation Zero. It's a side project that few could care about but could be good, it just needs to be tested.

I spend more time looking over articles rather than making major changes and developments but that's because a lot of work here is done and I have minimal capabilities in terms of image development and infoboxes. My form of image manipulation is Paint and Word, sad I know. I am more active on the Armored Core Wikia mainly because 1 there's work to be done and 2 I am a virtual expert on the game.

In Fallout, as in every video game, I like one thing and one thing only, firepower. Nothing is better than melting enemies with hot plasma while shrugging off fire with power armor. My answer to most problems is violence but I always play the good guy, could never play the villain.

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