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i don't really actively edit this place anymore, but i'm the closest thing to an image / archiving bot that this wiki is gonna get, so if there's ever any meaningless tasks you need doing, i'm your girl. i've stopped editing here because of the amount of time i'm devoting to my studies, as i'm going to university next year (yay), after my exams are out of the way (or cancelled), i'll be editing a lot more.

  • for general howdy-ing: discord. i'm not hugely active on there, but i check it from time to time.
  • for de.wiki related things: contact me on the de.wiki in german
  • for verification i'm not dead: ao3, you can see where i've been writing
  • for archiving advice: get the internet archiver chrome extension, copy, paste in new tab, archive, copy, paste where you still have the wiki link highlighted
  • for anything else: go ask someone else