This Galaxy Ain't Big Enough...I HAZ A SPACESHIP.

Vault Boy

Messiah IZ JESUS!

Hmmmmmm.... It appears i stole lil baby MARIE!!!!

Liberty Prime NOOOOOOOOOO don't die!

I was sad when he died.

Now in Capital Wasteland and has DESTROYED ENCLAVE FOREVER!

Bog Walker I HAZ A POND!

I HATE DEATH CLAWS!!! And outcast why?

well once i went inside fort independence not knowing they would get angry all of a sudden a missle hits me. i run out and kill everyone

HA HA!!!

In the story below about character somethings may haved change due to level ups. please ignore these changes or if curious check them out. That is all and thank you.

13 Take it Back! I HAZ A GUN!

Fallout 3 Character Edit

Next page will tell the whole story of my character in Fallout 3 from when getting out of vault to death warning to people who get bored easily if you hate stories please leave page at all times if under age please be careful and mind language. This will also tell stats of my character and what is what. Enjoy readers and screw non readers.

Survival Expert

Character: Ashton Edit

Fallout 3 PA

"The Messiah"

Skills Edit


Big Guns:100

Energy Weapons:100




Melee Weapons:80



Small Guns:100




S.P.E.C.I.A.L. Edit








Karma Edit

Very Good

The character is nice and does job's not for caps but to help wastelanders. He respects ghouls as if there normal. If he must use violents then he will enjoy it. Sometimes may be sick in the head (torture,playing with bodies,cuting off heads)


Stats Edit

Level-30 Messiah

Hit Points:610


Daddy's Boy

Gun Nut


Bloody Mess-Favorite perk

Fortune Finder



Size Matters

Strong Back


Mysterious Stranger-Chuck Norris

Life Giver

Silent Running-Character is all about stealth and has no need to try


Lawbringer-Brings Justice to the wasteland by force (cutting off fingers)

Action Boy

Better Criticals


Grim Reaper's Sprint-He always knows when its time for a mortal

Puppies!-respect for his animal friends (because dogmeat so cute!)

Wasteland Survival Expert

Intense Training

Solar Powered

There are more perks that I have but I will not show.

Quotes Edit


"Hey Charon, is this body good another to eat? Not that your a ghoul or anything."


"Maybe I can invent a holiday. It should be called Christmas."

"Hope I don't turn up like Harold, ugh."

"Charon! Stop looking at Dogmeat."

"This shit is heavy. CHARON carry this for me."

"Wait, there's such thing as a Albino Radscorpion?"

"Fucking Outcast, I was curious of the fort."

"Will never forget the Pitt, what a hellhole."

(When awaking from alien testing) Maw Wa Wa Mah mum uh WHERE AM I?!?!?!?

The Famous speech of the Messiah.

Who is to stop madness? Though thousands want end, millions want begining. One war can not end all wars. History can not tell what god made. He who can understand the ways of god can know the truth. God is searching for him. God is watching him. God is preparing him, for the worst hell can bring to him. He who is chosen by god. He must know what sacrifices he must make to stop madness. Death can strangle him, but yet the power of he is mighty. His stories are written by angels. His father is he. Though you must know the secret. That he can not do it himself. He needs a savior at the time of need. When all life is lost. To stop madness you must find the creator of it. He is the only to seek for it. He is the savior. He is to bring the waters of life to peace. Bring all who stands in his way to order. He is to make sacrifices for others. He is The Messiah.

Story Edit

Begining Edit

War. War never changes. Since the begining of humanity humans are no stranger to war. Going through history shows the truth about war. Wars like the World Wars, the Cold Wars and the war of 2077, the war between 2 great powers over the cold icey land. But when war went through to much one thing ended all wars. One accident, one explosion, more explosions, then coming in to a nuclear fallout. Humanity was completely destroyed.

But not all humanity was yet destroyed. Vault-Tec's technology has created the perfect plan, the plan to save lives. The creation of the vault outstanded the people with safety of the nuclear holocaust. These vaults would open every 200 years to see light of the fallout. But one vault changed that. Vault 101 was to never open. Vault-Tec wanted to see how long humans can stand without trying to leave the vault. In Vault 101 you will be born in the vault, and die in the vault.

The Birth Edit

In the year 2258 everything changed in the very vault of 101. The door of the vault open to the horrible wasteland to let in a man. This man was yet not alone, but was carrying a human being. The little Infant sleeping in the arms of the scientist was let inside the great vault for food, shelter, and water...clean water.

The young boy was named. Ashton, the name both mother and father loved much. The boy learned quickly then any normal child would have. He was known to be a S.P.E.C.I.A.L. child. But the child grew quickly and learned more about the things around him. At his 10th Birthday he recevied the present of all from the overseer himself. This present wasn't any normal present, this present was his future, the way to survive in the world. The Pip-Boy 3000, the best of its kind. Showing the boy everything about him and the world. What was more special was the beatiful young girl Amata. Though at the time the vault dweller had no intrest in a relationship yet. Amata was kind to the dweller giving him the present. It was what he always wanted. Grognak the Barbarian, Issue 14. Though the vault dweller loved all of his presents, but when the selfish child that went by the name Butch came wanting for the "sweet roll". The little dweller refuse to give him it in a harsh matter. Yet jokes about people's mothers was still not old even in 2268. Of course Butch's reacting wasn't nonviolent. But thanks to the child's very first saver Officer Gomez, stopped the fight. After the "wrestle" in the cafe, the boy was given his first weapon from his father. An old BB gun found the reactor of the vault. After the child's first expereince with combat, a picture was taken with his father and him. A picture that lasted forever.

In 2274 the vault dweller had to take the test that proved every citizen of the vault skills. The G.O.A.T. He was truthful at least, with his reaction of a crazy scientist and his experiments and old men locked in rooms. After the G.O.A.T. the boy wasn't looking forward in being a marrige consouler. His teacher let him change his skills in to what he was good at. Saving Amata from Butch and his gang was at least one of them.

Escape Edit

Everything worked out in the Vault for 3 years until on August of 2277 the unthinkable happened. In the early morning inside of the vault, the vault dweller was awaken by the overseers daughter, Amata. Being told that not only Jonas was murdered but the reason he was murdered. His own father left the vault, without telling his own son. He only had little time before the overseers men would find him. When finally meeting the exit to Vault 101 he takes one look back thinking about Amata, but it was time to escape.

The Wasteland Edit

The door has opened. The light in the sky burns the lone wanderer eyes. But when the lights blosses away, He finds destroyed nature around him. looking around he has know idea what he must do other then find dear old dad. Walking down the path to the broken road, the wanderer finds a puddle of water. The wanderer was thursty and was tired from the running in the vault when he drinks it, his Pip-Boy shows radiation inside the green water in the road. He decides to ignore the radiation in the water and explores. The lone wanderer comes among the town of Springvale. looking around he see's nothing but destroyed buildings and rumble. On the horizon he spots something flying in the air. It was a robot, but this robot played old national american music, and a man talking about "american government". He becomes curious about what the voice is talking about, but yet goes on. The lone wanderer comes to a machine with the words Nuka-Cola printed on it. Deciding to open to machine inside of it are bottles of Nuka-Cola. When he tries it out its taste was great, but it was warm and full of radiation. He takes up 2 extra bottles just in case. After stumbling across rocks, rumble, and trash he spots a bigger pile of trash and junk. Getting closer to the junk he notice that it looks more like a town now.

As he aproaches to junk like town he spots a crazy looking man with dirt and scum covering him body. As the lone wanderer gets closer to the town the man attacks a poor man sitting outside the town. The lone wanderer doesn't take any chances but fires at the attacker. Luckily the attacker is dead the poor man thanks him but yet his kind words did not match with his old depressed face. The man explains that he was tired of the dirty water full of radiation and beggs the wanderer for clean water. The lone wanderer took the clean water inside the vault and gave it to the water begger. Even though he wasn't given a reward he was happy to help the man. The man went by the name Micky and told the lone wanderer about this pile of junk being the town of Megaton. The lone wanderer remembered the reason he even came out he, to find out where dear old dad went. As he entered the city having the gates of the city being shut a man comes up to the boy and welcomes to new comer. The wanderer ask lots of question about this city how it was made and why theres a bomb in the middle of it, but the major question was if the man had seen his father. The man tells the lone wanderer that he has not seen his dad but tells him about a man coming through the gate. The mans name was Lucas Simms the shreiff of Megaton.

The town of Megaton Edit

Going down the stairs into town center lied the gigantic bomb. The lone wanderer looks at the bomb for at least 10 seconds before noticing a bar full of food called the Brass Lantern. The boy sat on the stool facing the bar looking up at the beatiful women, Jenny Stahl. He ask for some healthy, delicous food. Jenny says she has delicous food but not healthy. She explains the radiation in the food, but says it's delicous and doesn't hurt. The boy beilives her but knows that radiation is can kill you slowly and painfully. As he leaves the bar to look for the man with information, Colin Moriaty, he accidentally runs in to a mean unforgiven man, Jericho. He was already angry just by looking at the boys face. He knew he was as he calls him "a goody too-cho". The boy thought the samething he was clean with not a spec of scum on him, since he just came out of the vault. Walking around he runs in to a little girl. The girl was Maggie a sweet innocent little girl wondering around Megaton. She tells the lone wanderer that her name is Maggie and Billy creel takes care of her. The lone wanderer ask where he can find Colin Moriaty. The little girl says that he is in Moriaty's Saloon. The lone wanderer comes up to the back door of the saloon, not noticing the front door. Before he can even blink inside the building he was spotted by the owner Colin Moriaty. He ask the irish men if he knows where he can find his father. But yet Moriaty is not to tell only if he gets his prize. Seting the get Lone Wanderer on his journey. His adventure. His quest. His meaning to live. It is the great start of........The Messiah.

Horrible Start Edit

The Messiah didn't have the best start in the capital wasteland. For one thing he didnt know how to use his Pip-Boy 3000. Also needed a gun due to the fact his 10mm. Pistol broke, he had to use his baseball bat, and to keep in to style he had his tunnel snake jacket on. Over some hills he found a huge fight. Some raiders and some black and red guys. Geting closer to the fight he discovered there was also brahmin and slavers. After the fight he loved the looks of the armor that he killed them for it. Wasn't the best idea but he got the armor. When he put on the armor he pretty much fell straight to the floor and rolled down in to the ruins of the once highway. He was so mad he shot the brahmin. For a Messiah he wasn't so bright at the time.

Aiding the Outcasts

Weird Technology Edit

The Messiah has seen lots of things but nothing like this kind of technology before. It was back and shiny and it said PS RAIDERS ROCK. Possibly there was a raider here that wrote it down. The Messiah took it with him just to keep. But holding it just made him fill with hate and anger. So he decided to sell it but it sucked to much to be sold so he threw it on the ground and shot it with 4 rounds of his laser rifle. Before it was destroyed it looked like this.

Sony PS3.480

Zombie Friend Edit

Adapting to the wasteland the lone wanderer also needed to adapt to those around him. It didn't work with talon company, raiders, Outcast, and not even a Deathclaw. Though after seening Gob at Megaton he felt sorry for the ghouls. When finding the Underworld he was surpised about a whole city of ghouls. Though after meeting all the ghouls he did not check the Nith Circle. Entering the bar and was confused and wanted more information. Going to a mysterious tall angry wasn't the best. After asking 10 times, he decided to find this boss of his. Doing a dirty job was hard since you have to kill a fellow citizen of the Underworld. After punching Greta with great force he decided to go back and talk about the offer. After telling him about the job being done, blood was yet splattered all of the wall just like Greta. But hey, thats what happens when you hire a ghoul like Charon, and not a mindless zombie.

FO3 feral ghoul

A mindless zombie

Legend of Crazy Sunny Edit

The story of one of the most dangerous raiders ever. Crazy Sunny. Now Crazy Sunny's real name was Sunya. Which mean't light. To his families religon. As Sunya grew older he dreamed about leaving Vault 101. He knew everything the vault had tought him. So he wanted to learn more about the world outside the vault. After leaving the vault, during the time when everyone was sleeping, he wondered off northwest. After befriending almost everyone he has seen he also had trouble. Mostly with Yau Guai's and Death Claws.


Sunny being attacked by a Deathclaw.

He was a great hunter and was found by some hunters. He befriended there leader Jack. Jack tought Sunya everything to do with hunting. But after 5 months Sunya found out what the hunters have been hunting for years. Sunya decided to leave the pack and take Jack with him. But after a week alone with Jack, things got worse. Jack couldn't take living with out human flesh and attacked Sunya. The both brawled bare fisted try to beat one another to death. But all of a sudden Raiders came and pretty much beat them both up. After a beating for 10 minutes Sunya was KO. Waking up for the Knock Out, Sunya saw a dead body torn and shreadded. Once the Raider Leader spotted Sunya awake, he walked over to him. Sunya was frighten and knew he was going to get a second beating. But instead the Raider Leader decided different plans for Sunya. He trained Sunya how to survive and become a raider. The more he was tought the more violent Sunya got. He was given the name Crazy Sunny. He lived at Evergreen Mills and gambled with all the other Raiders. One day his master wanted to take a walk with Sunny. After a few miles in to the walk, they have made there distination. Looking over the hill was a great Super Mutant Behemoth. Sunny was ordered to capture it and bring it back to Evergreen Mills. So he did. He was brought back also after a head injury from the Mutant.

Stories of Sunny were being spread all across the wasteland and the Regulators try to put a stop to it, and decided to attack evergreen mills. There Commander of the attack Lucas Simms was prepared for the attack. But the attack failed after Crazy Sunny got his shotgun out. Sunny let Lucas Simms go but told him a warning. "If I ever see you in the wasteland again I will blow your head straight off and feed it to the zombies!". This may be the reason Lucas Simms went to Megaton.

After the attack Crazy Sunny was wanted DEAD by Lucas Simm's son. He Hired 3 groups, Rielly's Rangers, Talon Company, and The Antipathy. After all 3 of the groups spotted Sunny they ambushed him and attacked. The Talon Company was blown by a fat man. Rielly's Rangers retreated. But the Antipathy standed there ground. As the group took cover behind rubal, The leader of the group flanked around the raiders in an invisible stealth suit. He drew out his sword, stabbed Sunny's bodyguards, and sliced Sunny's head clean off. Sunny's body fell to the dirt and did not make any movement. His head rolled around and made a stop to a rock. The Antipathy left the area, but later on during the day at night, Sunny's master came. He gave Sunny a blessing, and took his shotgun to remember him by. Sunny named the shotgun the Terrible Shotgun. His master left and stayed underground in Evergreen Mills and never left. The raiders called him Smiling Jack.

Sister Ashley Edit

Before the Messiah left Vault 101 he had a sister named Ashley. Ashley was the other side of Ashton. She was probably the meaniest child in the vault. Even though Ashley was very pissy about things, she is was still very close to her brother. Ashton was only 8 years old when the he his hate for Butch came. One day Butch put a beat down on Ashton. Coming back to his home sobbing over the beating, Ashley took action by beating Butch with a Pool Cue.

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