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I'm a guy in his mid 30's living in California who loves playing this game. I'm a gamer in general and used to host LAN parties for about 5 years.


  • Steam Id - Kingclyde
  • Raptr - Kingclyde
  • X-fire - i can't remember

Pet Projects

  • Disambiguation pages
  • Redirects!
  • Grammar
  • Vandals!
  • Removing trivial trivia!
  • Deleting files and general cleanup

Current Projects and Status

  • Navbox placement project = in progress
  • Talkpage Cleanup and template addition = in progress and sporadic
  • Reconstruct Fallout 1 Quest Navbox = Done


  • Reconstruct Fallout 2 Quest Navbox = In queue
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Modern music done right! We_Can't_Stop_-_1950's_Doo_Wop_Miley_Cyrus_Cover_ft._Robyn_Adele_Anderson,_The_Tee_-_Tones

Teaming_up_with_Mr_T_Cereal Sifl_&_Olly_-_United_States_of_Whatever_Video Mr._T_-_Treat_Your_Mother_Right Sifl_&_Olly~A_Word_With_Chester~IQ_Test

Friends list

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