aka Rinkaru

  • I live in Kyoto
  • I was born on July 17
  • My occupation is Singer
  • I am Female

Hey everyone!!

Welcome to my profile... sorry it's so boring and has nothing but hey... I'm lazy, what can I say. But I'm sure one of those few girls that have made records. (No nerdies, 800 hours of TF2 doesn't count) Showing the world!

I'm Rin... a.k.a. Keimei, a.k.a. Megami Rin, a.k.a. Sol .... etc etc.

So anyway... My systems... I mainly play PC, Wii and DS. The reason why I don't have the oh-so-powerful Xbox360 is because I know that sooner or later, any good Xbox 360 game will end up in PC, if it hasn't already. Wii and DS because I can't really expect to find any games like those on PC. And I have to say... I hate, hate piracy.

Right now... I'm living in an annoying island that I hope to leave sooner rather than later. Yes... it's that Asian island that has a macho society. Ugh. It also has Nintendo. =D I've traveled to other countries... United States, China, Mexico, France. I was planning to go to Australia but... things changed... a lot for the worse. So my next far-away objective is Germany.

Lovely. So now, here are so American (United States, not the continent) quotes just for you people:

"Hello Latin America! This is HBO! .......... Esta Caliente." (That's a quote from the HBO actors to LA)

"Kosero! Honiton! Taremete! Ain't my Japanese just perfect?" (<That's the typical spelling in american music videos, all of them wrongly spelled)

"...They told me they use Euros outside the US..." (This one is stereotypical)

Okay, now for the actual smart ones:

"Well I think that as man has progressed over time, they actually became less intelligent" (A friend's quote)

Rin out!

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