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We have learned the joy of namespaces and how articles are organized. Now we will learn all about a few additional places - user and talk pages - that you will come across in your adventures.

User pages

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User pages, or your profile, is a place that you can add fun things to express yourself. The possibilities are limitless. You can choose a profile picture, add info about yourself, and personalize the main section of the page. It will show your name at the top (which you can change, but only one time).

The only things you should not do are add anything inappropriate, impersonate someone else, or post something that looks like an article. As we move along, you will learn about images and code, which can be used to spruce up your user page, too!

By typing "user:" and then someone's user name in the search bar, you can take a look at anyone's page for inspiration. Just remember, you can click "edit" on someone else's user page to see (and copy) their code, but do not make any changes to anyone's page.

Signature use

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Before we dive into talk pages, we must learn about signatures. Every person can type in four squigglies (~~~~) to add their user name, date, and time. You should always use this method to "sign" your talk page messages, forum posts, votes, and the like.

You can type three squigglies (~~~) to leave just your name without the date and time. And for some reason, if you only want to leave the date and time without your name, you can type five squigglies!

To personalize your signature, you can go to the very top of the wiki to your tiny picture, then the drop down will be "my preferences" to add "wiki text" or fancy html. Make sure any pix are not taller than 35px. The fancy wiki text is not required, but optional if you'd like.

Below is my signature's wiki text, so you can see how it looks in the html and final forms.

Wiki text in preferences

-[[User:kdarrow|<font color="black">'''''kdarrow'''''</font>]] [[File:Pickman heart.png|20px|link=User talk:kdarrow]]  <sup><i>take her for a spin!</i></sup>

Finished product

So when I type ~~~~, this shows up:

-kdarrow Pickman heart.png take her for a spin! 04:55, September 1, 2020 (UTC)

Talk pages

Talk pages are a part of your user page, sort of like social media style format where people can leave comments for you, and you can leave messages for them. You should not delete anything from your talk page, or the talk page of others because administrators need easy access to these page's histories at times. You can make minor formatting fixes.

Note: If someone leaves something abusive or hateful, delete it, and contact an administrator. You won't be in any trouble, and the admin can handle what next steps are taken. But overall, administrators need easy access to a users' talk page history, which is why we keep it available.

Usually, someone will add a title, then comment, and add their signature. The other person can click the person's signature line, which includes a "talk" link, taking them to the page to reply. On the second reply, you will put a colon at the beginning of the line to make an indent and then add the second reply. Two colons will indent it even more! Here is an example:


==Omg TVA==
I am having the best time in the Vault Academy, you should totally join! -kate 09:45, October 23, 2077 (EST)
Just make sure not to choose Kate as your mentor, as she is too cool and somehow that is a deterrent. See ya there! -kate 09:46, October 23, 2077 (EST)


For outdenting a reply on a talk page when indentation gets too deep. The previous level of indentation, i.e. the number of colons of the previous reply. Can be either a number (e.g. "3") or simply the colons themselves (":::"). If this parameter is not given, a simple small arrow will be displayed instead of the connector bar.

With number
:::Sample text
Sample text


With colons
::::Sample text
Sample text



After a long time of talking with other editors, you will have many messages on your talk page. This makes it tough to manage. There is an option to archive your talk page and start with a fresh one. You can do this when you receive 40 posts or 32kb of talkpage content. To check the kb, click on the green "edit" button, and select history from the dropdown. The last edit will have the kb in parenthesis.

Once you are ready to archive, go back to the green edit button, dropdown to "archive" and then a preview will show up. Optional: I always select my original "welcome" message to carry forward to the new talk page, because I am sentimental and it kinda looks weird without it. The line is directly under {{archives}}.

{{welcome||[[User:FDekker|FDekker]] ([[User talk:FDekker|talk]]) 18:09, June 21, 2019 (UTC)|User talk:FDekker}}

You can now click "save archive" and it will copy all of your talk page to a new, archived page. There will be a little #1 at the top so you can access it at anytime. Now, go back to your regular talk page and delete all contents (adding the welcome message if need be). Now you are all set!

Quiz 3 (User and talk pages)

Great! Now that we have covered some more article types, we can test your knowledge with some low-pressure quizzes. Here we go!

Quiz time!
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