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You are moving right along and have now proven to have a grasp on the basics of Nukapedia editing. Well done! I am quite proud. We are going to start moving into more background information in the upcoming section all about templates. I think you will enjoy seeing what is under the hood. So off we go!

Introduction to templates: Part one

Templates are one of the foundational parts of a wiki, and years of hard work by editors of the past have spoiled us, in that the templates that hold the wiki together are working seamlessly behind the scenes. For our purposes, we will review some way (and fun!) templates to give an idea of how they work.


Icons have various meanings on the wiki. Mostly they are used to describe little photos that are seen in the Pip Boy or Atomic Shop. For us, we will look at a different version of tiny little photos that are used throughout the wiki to convey a message in a simplified way.

A template is written using curly brackets, two on each side like {{this}}. You may notice that at the top of articles, you see little game icons, showing what game the article's content is from. For example, if you wanted to know what games have dice, one place you can look is in the upper right hand corner, where you can see all the game icons.

Within articles, sometimes game icons are used to show when an item appears in a DLC or update instead of the main game. For articles that have items appearing in many games, the icons will show you which game the item can be found in, such as seen in the water tower article.

To make an icon, you can use the abbreviations from the table below along with the template code {{Icon|Abbreviation}}, so it looks like {{Icon|FO76}} for Fallout 76 or {{Icon|FO76NW}} for Nuclear Winter. Several icons can be listed, separated by a vertical line like we learned to do with links.

Frequently used icons

There are a lot of icons. You don't have to memorize them all, as you will see them in your editing and memorize them just by how often you see them! Some icons need the {{icon| before it, some don't. If it does not work, try the other way. And remember, when in doubt, copy and paste from a similar article. Everyone does this, even admins. And if they say they do not, they are lying!

Template Result
{{Icon|cut}} Cut content
{{Icon|dead}} Dead
{{unused}} Fallout 76 unused content
{{Icon|yes}} Yes
{{Icon|no}} No
{{Icon|atom}} Atom
{{Icon|mentioned}} Mentioned
{{removed}} Fallout 76 removed content

Icon formatting

You can format the link of game abbreviation icons in a few different ways. If you want to remove the link to the image, basically make it un-click-able, add the following to the end.


See how it can't be clicked below? Righteous!

Fallout: New Vegas

The opposite can also be done, in that you can add a link to an icon. Let's say you want to link to the update page or a game-specific list of items. Well, you can! Just do the following.

{{icon|FO4FH|link=Far Harbor (add-on)}}
Far Harbor (add-on)

By clicking on that one, it will take you to the desired article. And a third thing you can do is control the size of the icon, to tweak formatting if something isn't fitting quite right. I recommend leaving this out unless you are having that issue since the icons are set to a default size across the site. Changing the size via a link can be done with or without the options above. In other words, you can also remove or add a destination for the icon alongside making it bigger or smaller.

{{icon|caps|20px|link=Bottlecap (Fallout 76)}}
Bottlecap (Fallout 76)
{{icon|caps|15px|link=Bottlecap (Fallout 76)}}
Bottlecap (Fallout 76)
{{icon|caps|10px|link=Bottlecap (Fallout 76)}}
Bottlecap (Fallout 76)

One special type of icon is used on Atomic Shop content for Fallout 76, which is the atom icon template. You can use it to express the cost in atoms by writing it like this:

250 Atom

So in a sentence, it would read:

Kate's Marshmallow Gauntlets can be purchased for {{atom|250}}.
Kate's Marshmallow Gauntlets can be purchased for 250 Atom.


This is just a brief aside more than a full lesson, but there is a template called {{linkable}} which is used for an item or subject that does not have its own article, but you want to call attention to it in another article.

{{linkable|Kate Darrow's secret long johns}}

A good example of this is in the roadway articles, such as Fallout 76 roadways. If you type the name of one of the linkable streets, it will point you to the roadway article it is mentioned in. This is used to point towards things that do not have enough content to justify their own article or will have an article in the future but you do not want to leave a red link. A red link is a link to an article that does not exist, and due to its [[abrasive ugliness]] should be avoided. By using the linkable template!


The last fun thing to do is introduce you to userboxes. These are cute little rectangles that explain a little tidbit about yourself, on your user page. Some are pre-made, or you can make your own!


The community has created a bunch of pre-made templates that you can find in this category. Just copy and paste into your user page! Two userboxes for the Vault Academy are

{{User Vault Academy mentor}}
Icon Institute FO4.pngThis user is an official Vault Academy mentor.
{{User Vault Academy}}
Icon Institute FO4.pngThis user is enrolled in the Vault Academy.

Making your own

The userbox template exists to be able to make templates that fit your personality perfectly. The template has more options, colors, choices to look through, but here is the basic one to work with.

Wiki.pngThis user loves their Vault Academy mentor!
|left image  =Wiki.png
|middle text =This user loves their Vault Academy mentor! 

For the image, you can choose anything you see on the wiki image-wise. My favorite are on the Fallout 3 and New Vegas miscellaneous world objects article.

Layout jank

If they look weirdly laid out on your user page, check out another template that can help with aligning them with the userboxes layout template below. It is the one I use, but the template has a bunch of options based on what you like.

|columns =3
|float   =left
|no title=true
|boxes   =
{{User Fallout}}
{{User Fallout 2}}
{{User Fallout 3}}
{{User Fallout Tactics}}


A fun template to add quotes to your user page, or to the top of articles, is this one!

{{Quotation|Time isn't wasted if you're wasted all the time.|[[User:Kdarrow|Kdarrow]]}}
Time isn't wasted if you're wasted all the time.Kdarrow

Just kidding, that is the Pabst Blue Ribbon motto. Onward!

Quiz 8 (Template part one)

Great! Now that we have covered some basic templates, here is a fun quiz for you to show off your skills!

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