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Today we will briefly review the wacky world of redirects, which help our users find things even when we are content in constantly moving everything around! When a page is moved from one place to another, the old link is redirected to the new page. This happens for a variety of reasons, such as when there is a spelling error in the title, or if an article is merged into another.


How to and categorization

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Every once in awhile, you might see that a link you clicked on has redirected you to a different article, or a section of an article. This is sometimes because the article has moved, or does not have its own. When you click on this tiny link "redirected from" you will arrive at the redirect page, which shows you where it started and where it is headed to.

Anyone can redirect a page to another, and although it is a simple process to do, there are a lot of steps afterward that need to be done to keep the wiki tidy. For starters, the way to redirect a page to another is accomplished by clearing the page of content, and adding the following:

# REDIRECT [["Excavator suit" - Final steps]]

A hashtag and then "REDIRECT" (there should be no space between them but it kept trying to redirect this page, so just use your imagination) and then the article it should "direct" or "point to." In all cases, such as when an article is renamed, the category is not automatically added, so it will need to be added manually. Then it will show up in Category:Redirects.

What really links here

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At the very bottom of the redirect page is an option to see all the articles that use this redirect. Part of cleaning up a redirect is changing all of these articles to point to the correct page. Once this is complete, refresh the redirect page and it will disappear. If you redirect a page, it is your responsibility to do the steps of adding a category and fixing the links (if you can).

You will see two tools, what links here and what really links here. The "what links here" version had a lot of glitches, and due to my incessant complaining, genius Nukapedian Eckserah wrote a brand new gadget called what really links here. You really only need this one, though, which also has the redirects at the bottom and can be used to search for parts of links or keywords.

Empty redirects

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When all of the links have been fixed, the redirect will show that no pages link anymore. Hooray! We will leave this redirect as-is, even if it is empty, and not delete it. Just in case someone attempts to use it in the future. I would rather someone enters a redirect than a red link. And if someone tries to make a new page that has already been redirected, they can see this and we can avoid redundancy.

When merging

After a merge, instead of deleting the page that was merged into another, we will instead leave a redirect pointing to the new page. Remember to also redirect the merged article's talk page, found by searching for Talk:(name of merged article). Remember the category for each.

Special pages

Sometimes when pages are moved around, and around again, things get broken. Here are some reports of a sort, that let us know we have some fixing to do! Fun fact, I check the first two each day, as part of my normal maintenance routine.

  • Special:BrokenRedirects - when an article redirects to a page that no longer exists. To fix, change the intended target to an article that does exist.
  • Special:DoubleRedirects - when an article redirects to redirect. To fix, cut out the middle man by redirecting the first article to the last article.
  • Special:ListRedirects - shows all the redirects (even those without a category)

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